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LAUNCH PAD Mother Knows Best HIRAM WALKER ADDS A NEW MATRIARCH TO ITS LEGENDARY LIQUEUR LINE-UP WITH MAMA WALKER���S by Breanne DeMore Mama Walker���s Cocktails Mama Said What? ��� 2 parts Mama Walker���s Maple Bacon ��� 1 part Jameson ��� Add ingredients to a shaker with ice. Shake and strain into a chilled shot glass. Mama���s Lemonade ��� 2 parts Mama Walker���s Blueberry Pancake ��� 4 parts lemonade ��� Add ice to a highball glass and build ingredients. Mama���s Coffee & Donuts ��� 2 parts Mama Walker���s Glazed Donut ��� �� part Kahl��a ��� Add ingredients to a shaker with ice. Shake and strain into a chilled shot glass. F lavored liqueurs are a bar staple, plain and simple. But with the lavor ield getting bigger and bigger and expanding beyond previously set boundaries, how do liqueurs remain noteworthy? Hiram Walker, invaluable with its impressive cordial line-up, knows that the key to standing out is innovation. Juli Falkoff, Brand Director for Mama Walker���s, explains, ���Consumers are increasingly lavor-seeking, and are very experimental in terms of trying new lavors.��� Combine this experimentation with recognizable lavors in unexpected uses, and consumers are hooked. In comes Mama Walker���s. ���We noticed that there was a consumer trend toward nostalgia and comfort foods��� says Falkoff. ���And from research, we found that there was a great deal of interest in breakfast lavors.��� With nostalgia and breakfast on the mind, Hiram Walker added a touch of homestyle goodness and created an entirely new line, Mama Walker���s, which launches this month. Inventive enough to strike a chord of curiosity while also recalling breakfasts-gone-by, the three launch lavors are Maple Bacon, Blueberry Pancake and Glazed Donut. The 70 proof liqueurs can be enjoyed straight but also lend themselves to mixing in composite shots or cocktails. They���re perfect for unexpected brunch cocktails and, like your local diner, they serve up a taste of breakfast any time of day. And the best part? The lavors are really unique and delicious. Falkoff says, ���Consumers who seek new lavor experiences will try Mama Walker���s���and will keep coming back once they taste these unique lavors.��� Mama Walker���s isn���t just unique on the inside, either. The creative packaging and POS have a distinctly vintage feel that will provide really effective presence on the shelf or the back bar. ���As stores are increasingly looking to create excitement and theater, Mama Walker���s will stand out and spur impulse purchases,��� says Falkoff. ���Mama Walker���s is truly an original���inside and out.��� march 2013 / the tasting panel / 43

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