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Rumming in Daytona If you didn���t know what you were getting into with a name like Sloppy Joe���s, the face greeting you at the door will give you a clue. The rowdy Ernest Hemingway was a usual at the bar���s ���rst outpost in Key West and currently graces the door of all Sloppy Joe���s locations. Opened three years ago, Sloppy Joe���s Daytona Beach is located right on the beach and boasts amazing views, great food and an electric environment. Dawna Ott, Bar Manager for Sloppy Joe���s Daytona Beach, explains how the bar���s fun island attitude ���ts so well with Malibu New and Noteworthy Malibu Beach and The Beet Stepping in from the Southern California sunshine into The Blue Beet, yards from the ocean at the Newport Beach pier, is a surprising throwback to an older era. In a space that���s housed everything from a brothel to a speakeasy, The Blue Beet is a modern, beachy music club, where a hip party set rocks out to live music seven days a week. With the beach so close, it���s no surprise that many of these music lovers are bikini-body-minded. ���We get a lot As summer draws near, the warm-weather-minded Malibu Rum is taking its innovation up a notch with the launch of new Malibu Island Spiced. Made with stevia and a hint of sugar, the lightly spiced rum shows off a darker, yet lower-cal side of the iconic brand. Malibu is also dipping its toes into innovative packaging with another expansion into the ready-to-drink category: four new ���avors of their 1.75-liter pouches and brand new single-serve cans. Making for simple and convenient summertime party drink options, these new products exemplify Malibu���s great taste and ingenuity. PHOTO: ANNE WATSON PHOTO: PHOTO: TOM CLARK PHOTO: ERICA BARTEL ger of Sloppy Joe���s Dawna Ott, Bar Mana d s some serious Islan Daytona Beach, ha Spiced. Island Power with Malibu Rum. ���Malibu really is perfect for us,��� she says. ���We carry all of their products and have their POS all over our bar. The Malibu mindset really aligns perfectly with what we stand for.��� Ott was really impressed with Malibu Island Spiced, saying, ���I was surprised at how versatile it was, and created the Island Power because it���s a fun and interesting drink combination. You get the taste of the islands without feeling guilty about calories or carbohydrates and you still get the energy drink kick.��� ���Breanne DeMore Island Power ��� ��� 2 oz. Malibu Island Spiced 6 oz. Power Trip Energy Drink For more than 60 years, the Malibu Inn has been staring off at the Paci���c over the Malibu Pier and welcoming guests from every walk of life into its doors with open arms. General Manager Kevin Brady explains: ���The people of Malibu are so eclectic. Sure, there are the A-List celebrities with the paparazzi following them, but there are also surfers who have been here as long as this bar, businessmen, musicians, farmers . . . really all kinds!��� Brady continues, ���And obviously Malibu Rum is an iconic brand for our location.��� But the bar and the brand don���t just share a name. Brady says, ���Malibu is the perfect beachside drink, and we Malibu Inn General Manager Kevin Brady grates are the perfect beachside nutmeg over the Malibu Surf Rider. bar.��� And what does Brady think about Malibu���s newest innovation? ���Our customers are pretty adventurous���surfers tend to be that way���so when they see a brand that they trust, they get excited to try the new products. They���ll be excited to learn that Island Spiced is low calorie, too!��� ���B. D. PHOTO: ERICA BARTEL Namesake James Di Cesare. Malibu Surf Rider ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� 2 parts Malibu Island Spiced 1 part cream of coconut 1 part orange juice 4 parts pineapple juice Nutmeg for garnish of calls for skinny cocktails,��� says Bar Manager James Di Cesare Jr. ���So Malibu Island Spiced is perfectly on-trend.��� But what Di Cesare says will make the biggest difference at The Blue Beet, where Malibu ���shbowls and cocktails are already popular menu items, is the mixability. ���It���s super smooth and mellow, and can be a great low-cal swap in any already existing Malibu cocktail,��� he says. To prove his point, Di Cesare traded classic Malibu for Island Spiced to create the Spiced Sunshine, a perfect cocktail to spice up this spring. ���Rachel Burkons Spiced Sunshine ��� ��� ��� ��� �� oz. Malibu Island Spiced �� oz. Jameson 3 oz. pineapple juice Muddle orange wheel and cherry in a highball glass; combine ingredients.

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