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March 2013

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At THE TASTING PANEL, we���ve got the retailer in mind. We kno��� it can be a chalenge to ���ay with���and ahead of!���the trends, so we ���rive to bring you exciting ne��� products each month that your custome��� wil love. From i���ovative wines and spirits, to out-of-the-box thinking in a variety of other categories, the retail space is ready to be taken over, with a li���le help from your friend, Marketplace. by Rachel Burkons Praying at the Altar of Non-Alc With soothingly soulful lavors with names like Aphrodisiac, Bliss, Chi, Restore and Chill, it���s no surprise that Altar Herbal Martini is a brand that���s in touch with its inner spiritualist. Each expression is sourced from what founder Jagatjoti calls the ���global garden,��� and each inal blend is a super-lavorful cocktail base with a lavor reminiscent of the expression���s name. A great-tasting mocktail for those who don���t drink, but want to join their imbibing friends in a pre- during- or postdinner drink, Altar serves double duty as a complex cocktail base, particularly when paired with boutique spirits that share the brands philosophic tenets. A Mad Malbec It���s often been said that there���s a thin line between insanity and genius. Landing irmly in the ���crazy like a fox��� camp is newly launched Stark Raving Malbec, a supple Argentine with plenty of out-there lavors to get your creative juices lowing. Multi-vintage and well-balanced, Stark Raving is the maniacal side project for Rosenblum Cellar���s winemaker, John Kane. Fanta���ic with Fruit Believe it or not, MARKETPLACE doesn���t always get it together in time for breakfast in the morning. Between the daily rush to get out the door without forgetting anything and the inevitable trafic jam, a tasty, nutritious breakfast is almost too much to hope for. That���s before we discovered Rush Bowls, at least. Made from all natural ingredients, and a variety of fruits, Rush Bowls are perfect for those of us who aren���t on the yogurt bandwagon (four of the ive lavors are vegan), offering a illing, delicious cold bowl to go. Perfect for retailers with a grab-and-go clientele who will be pleased to see offerings outside the preservative-laden cake and donut realm. 132 / the tasting panel / march 2013

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