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Well Boomers, move aside, the Millennials are now the newsmakers and the generation in demand. Also known as Generation Y, the Millennials encompasses those born between 1980 and the new Millennium. One reason why the marketplace is focusing on their combined purchasing power is the sheer size of their numbers. There are over 80 million Millennials, which makes it the largest generation since the Baby Boomers. Of that population, close to half are under the age of 25. Spirit companies are especially focused on marketing to LDA Millennials. One of the brands at the forefront of this trend is Tito���s Handmade Vodka. ���As Millennials reach legal drinking age, they are beginning to transform the younger end of the spirits consumer market,��� says Brand Manager Nicole Portwood. ���One of the reasons we connect so well with this group is that Tito���s Handmade Vodka is an honest, authentic brand that doesn���t trade on lashy marketing campaigns. Millennials are skeptical of overt marketing, preferring to discover brands on their own. We���ve found that our focus on producing an extremely pure, high quality spirit at a reasonable cost rather than on fancy packaging and expensive ad campaigns resonates with them.��� Spirits marketing guru Michael Dennehy sees the Millennials as the driving force behind the ongoing cocktail revolution. He considers them to be the primary target audience for something like BABCO Imports��� Agwa de Bolivia Coca Leaf Liqueur. Says Dennehy, ���Collectively, Millennials are comfortable in their lives and opinions, yet they���re always interested in exploring new and intriguing experiences that make a statement for others to see. Agwa its this demographic perfectly in that it���s fun, intriguing and rooted in romanticism and mystique. It���s a tantalizing spirit that thrives on discovery. Millennials celebrate their successes and are adventurous, especially in exotic cocktails.��� When it comes to wines, Nicole Quandt, Marketing Director for Wente Family Estates, says, ���The power of the Millennial customer can���t be ignored. Within ive years, the Millennial generation is expected to have the highest buying power of any generation, and are already drinking more per occasion and spending more than other generation in the grocery store. Millennials are Wente Family Estates��� next generation of wine drinkers and we are making concerted efforts to engage with them.��� Millennial-Friendly Brands What people choose to drink when they���re out on the town goes a long way to deining who they are. The evolution of the species dictates that the majority of Millennials are unlikely to choose the wine and spirits brands their parents drank. In that case, then which performers have the inside track with today���s Millennial generation? A quick survey of the marketplace yielded the following brands. 120 / the tasting panel / march 2013 AGWA DE BOLIVIA COCA LEAF LIQUEUR This 60-proof, emerald green liqueur is made from handpicked coca leaves grown in remote areas of the Andes Mountains. After harvesting, the leaves are shipped under armed guard to a state of an art distillery in Amsterdam where a proprietary steam distillation process is used to remove the banned narcotic compounds from the leaves. Afterwards they are blended with 36 herbs indigenous to Bolivia, a secret mix that includes guarana, ginseng and yerba mate. As any Millennial will tell you, delicious and intriguing are an unbeatable combination. BABCO Imports Nolet���s Silver Dry Gin Introduced in 2010, NOLET���S Silver Dry Gin is a sophisticated spirit made for contemporary tastes, which translates to lavors Millennials will ind enticing. The gin���s three signature botanicals���Turkish rose, peach and raspberry���combine to create a highly accessible spirit ideally suited for featuring in cocktails and mixed drinks. According to Bill Eldien, President and CEO of Nolet Spirits USA, ���Millennials are trading up to ultra-premium products especially with regards to gin. NOLET���S Silver is a modern gin that surprises Millennial cocktail connoisseurs. They are seeking unique drink experiences and spirit brands that it their lifestyle. Our gin provides that.��� Nolet Spirits USA Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum Norman ���Sailor Jerry��� Collins was the godfather of American tattooing, a visionary craftsmen and a true independent whose work is still emulated today. The rum that bears his name is based on Collins���s own personal recipe. The iconic brand is made in the U.S. Virgin Islands with a proprietary blend of spices, caramel and natural lavors. Says Ciara McDevitt, Sailor Jerry Senior Brand Manager, ���The Millennial generation are our tried-and-true brand advocates. They are an important segment of the market for us as they actively seek brands, like Sailor Jerry, that relect their values and give them the platform to express themselves in their own unique manner.��� William Grant & Sons

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