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Spring 2019

The Location Managers Guild International (LMGI) is the largest organization of Location Managers and Location Scouts in the motion picture, television, commercial and print production industries. Their membership plays a vital role in the creativ

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50 • LMGI COMPASS | Spring 2019 W e all need more space. Storage space that is. You have probably heard of mobile storage and self-storage, but if you aren't familiar with a storage vault, you are overlooking a third key option for your production equipment, props and other items. Tailored to your production's needs, storage vaults are packed and overseen by pros. They provide easy access, are secure and fit odd-shaped items. Items too large for many types of storage are the perfect fit for vault and warehouse storage. The giant Godzilla prop doesn't fit nicely into a storage unit? No problem. Make use of flexible overflow storage in a vault warehouse. Not only are they bespoke to suit your particular needs, storage vaults are also the greenest storage solution— both in terms of a smaller eco footprint, as well as saving the production money—you only pay for the space you need! With so many logistics to manage during a production, evaluating storage facilities is likely the last item on your checklist. The following reference list of the top five features of vault storage is a quick and easy way to determine if storage vaults are a good fit for your production's storage needs. 1. Flexibility—Storage vaults cater to your specific needs for space in a totally adjustable way. If you need more space one month, it can easily be added. Conversely, when you need less space, you can move things out and pay for less space without spending time and labor to move everything into a smaller unit to get a reduced price. You only pay for the space you actually use. It's not one-size-fits-all storage. Mobile and self-storage units offer standard spaces and default prices that make you pay for space you don't want and are not using. 2. Professional Management—Most storage vault providers are professional moving companies. They are skilled at packing your items into the vault. They do the heavy lifting for you, saving you time and effort. Just call up the moving company and it will move your production items for you when you need them. 3. Oversized Items—Large items are never an issue. You don't have to base your entire storage budget on the one stuffed elephant in the room. If an item doesn't fit nicely into a storage vault, make use of the very affordable option of overflow storage. The item is wrapped, protected, inventoried and stored in the overflow section of a secure vault warehouse. 4. A Secure, Temperature-Controlled Environment—Storage vaults are secured in a warehouse, well protected from the outside elements. Additionally, they often have top security. Before choosing a provider, ask about their security system and temperature control. They should have security cameras in place, as well as limited access to the vaults by authorized employees only. 5. Budget/Accessibility Considerations—Vaults are the most affordable storage option. Self-storage costs more per square foot because rates include the ability to access your items daily. How often will you need access to a storage unit? If you're going to need daily access, then self-storage may be the solution for you. However, chances are you're rarely going to access those items in storage. Why pay a premium? When you need access to your items in vault storage, simply schedule in advance and have the items waiting for you to pick up. Only pay for access to storage on the days you actually need access. Additionally, the moving and storage company can deliver your items to you. Lastly, a bonus feature of some storage vaults is that they are eco-friendly! Ask what kind of vaults your vendor uses. Your production items can be stored in recyclable wooden vaults. This warehouse-based type of storage reduces land usage because it is not long paved rows of self-storage garages. These wooden vaults are clean, recycled and renewable—not giant metal tin cans. It's a double green win! The earth wins and so does your production budget. THE SANITY OF SPACE Storage Vaults for Production by Laura McHolm One StOp LeaSing inc. Open 24/7 Portable Restroom & Waste Bins Services Sam: (626)-712-3054 sam@onestopleasinginc.com Bryan: (909-333-2700) zaratebryan7@gmail.com onestopleasinginc.com *VIP 4 Room *VIP 2 Room *3-yard Bin *Comfort Elite II For more information give us a call or visit our website using the QR Scan with your mobile camera.

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