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Member Spotlight on Gratitude 5 Public Appreciation for Public Education Employees! By Andrea Shipley Last fall's "Thank a Teacher" campaign was so inspiring, WEA will be extending it through Teacher Appreciation Week, May 6-10, 2019! We will be expanding the campaign to include all public school employees. This is a chance to share your gratitude with educational support professionals, counselors, food service workers, bus drivers, nurses…the list goes on and on! Each person nominated will have their name entered into a drawing to win $100 Amazon gift card. The winner will be announced on May 7th, National Teachers' Day. Here we showcase some of the inspirational messages we have received thus far about our WEA members and friends. Use these words of appreciation as a compass for your own work and know that your Association deeply appreciates your work all day, every day. "You continually go above and beyond to make sure their needs are met. I respect and admire you and am grateful to work with you." "She has a great passion for educating students. She's always the last one to leave on weekdays and usually spends at least 3 hours on Sundays getting lesson plans ready for the next school week." "She has an amazing ability to engage and educate her students. She is a true leader who imparts her knowledge on those she works with." "She works hard to challenge her students while building strong relationships." "She makes amazing connections with students and their families and just overall genuinely cares for her students. She takes her students learning very seriously and strives for her students to reach their highest potential. She is just an overall amazing person." "You are all things good!" "Thank you for all that you do for our profession! I truly appreciate the time and eff ort you put into advocating for us!" "Thank you for always being there to support us as students. I remember how I always felt a part of the class and valued as a student. Middle school was hard enough but coming to your class and knowing that we were welcome and supported by you made the experience much more bearable. Thank you for being an amazing educator and a role model for those of us that also have ventured into being educators as well." "I have learned so much from you!" Gratitude has a profound eff ect on a person's state of mind. Being grateful can transform our work environments and promote our cause. Best of all, it is well-deserved and the most meaningful coming from colleagues, parents, administrators, and students. Gratitude can reinforce why we are deeply committed to the success of every student. Join us in creating more joy and appreciation for our members and friends! Visit www. wyoea.org to thank a teacher, today! 4 for Your Membership Successes By Andrea Shipley This year, WEA launched a new spin on an eff ective way to recruit members during the pro-rated dues recruitment phase of our annual membership growth campaign. 4 for Your Membership is a threefold program that develops leaders who choose to recruit members, engages new recruits in organizing conversations with developing leaders, and recognizes WEA members participating in the program. WEA is pleased to share that newly-seasoned local leaders have recruited more than 30 new members statewide, while learning new skills to further strengthen their locals. WEA is proud of the members who participated in this program and looks forward to more successes like this, in years to come. Thank a teacher on our website now until May 8th at wyoea.org! Mary Perkins, a WEA member from Torrington, worked with SW UniServ director Arthur Huron to secure her WEA dues for 2019-2020 by participating in the 4 for Your Dues Campaign. Sarah Staley, a WEA member from Worland and Early Career Educator, pictured here with her local president, Vicki Overcast, secured her WEA dues for 2019-2020 by participating in the 4 for Your Membership Campaign.

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