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64 CINEMONTAGE / Q1 2019 compiled by Jeff Burman S peaker of the House of Representives Nancy Pelosi (D- CA) has prevailed. President Donald Trump got no funding for his wall along the Mexican border. The 35-day standoff between the White House and Democrats, who now hold a majority of seats in the House, yielded the President nothing. After more than a month of bluster and threats that began December 22, Trump declared the partial government shutdown to be over on January 25, wrote Nicholas Fandos, Sheryl Gay Stolberg and Peter Baker in The New York Times. His reprieve would give him three weeks to continue to demand $5.7 billion for a barrier along the southern border. Trump has renewed his threat to declare a "national emergency" so he can bypass the funding standoff with Congress. House Democrats have considered offering a larger sum for "border security" but not for a wall. According to Trump, if he hasn't got a satisfactory deal by the time the reprieve expires the day after Valentine's Day, he could then opt for a widely discredited "national emergency" option or return to another partial shutdown. LABOR MAT TERS Government Reopens But New Shutdown Looms

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