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6 wholelifetimes.com Did you see the beautiful Super Blood Wolf Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in January? Although chilly, it was a clear night here in most of Southland and we lucky Angelinos had the opportunity to witness this magical celestial event. As the darker nights of Winter are coming to a close and we are awaiting the warmer months and increasing light of Spring, the Vernal Equinox reminds us of the importance of balance. In this Valentine's Day / Springtime edition, we asked a few of our talented writers to consider this question: "Do you have any daily or seasonal rituals and processes to stay in balance and harmony?" Wendy Strgar (Pg. 12) Albert Einstein once said, "Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving." For me the movement of life starts from the inside and moves outward. Processing our feelings and letting them go is movement; sitting still and listening to the voice below the noise is movement. True balance creates intimacy with our own center and moves us steadily toward doing more good in the world with our bodies. My dog keeps me in harmony with the seasons. Dark or light, rainy or bright, he tells me it's time to walk and face the weather. While he sniffs and pees, I stay in touch with what's blooming or wilting. Teresa Bergen (Pg. 20) Each day for the last nine years or so, my ritual for balance has been to take a break in the mid-afternoon. I sit somewhere quiet and write three pages in a journal (inspired by the "Morning Pages" in The Artists' Way book). Then I read a chapter of spiritual literature and close my eyes for 5-10 minutes of meditation. I close the session with prayer. This daily reprieve resets everything and then I can continue my day in peace. Brian Hyman (Pg. 17) The Spring Equinox is coming, reminding us that we stand at the balance between long, silent Winter nights and the long, warming days of Summer. At this time of year, my spirit longs for the garden. Nothing makes me feel more balanced than to walk barefoot on the earthy garden paths. The ritual of Spring planting gives me a great sense of connectedness with the planet. Nurturing a new plant to life gives me joy and hope for the future. Kathy Vilim (Pg. 7) contributors Greetings Dear Readers! Welcome to our February/March edition! Springtime is on the way and Happy Valentine's Day to you all! Whether you spend it with that special someone, special fur baby, or your own special self, hope you enjoy this time of year and the heart-opening messages we strive to bring you within our pages. February also marks Black History Month. Activities always abound in our fair city and there are several parades to mark the occasion as well as film festivals and art exhibits. We are blessed to live in a major metropolitan area which offers so much in the way of opportunity to see and experience art. Perhaps check out the Skirball with the Ruth Bader Ginsburg exhibit, musician and artist extraordinaire David Young's opening at the Husar Fine Art Gallery in Beverly Hills, or the Broad honoring Black Power artists from the civil rights to the mid-80s. If you are looking for another type of excitement, be sure to attend the much-awaited Conscious Life Expo held every February at the Hilton LAX. This is the 17th annual year with more speakers, workshops, exhibitors, activities, food than ever before. It's a wonderful place to meet like-minded people and re-connect with friends. We'll be there with a booth upstairs by Speaker Check- In and the "Green Carpet." Please stop by to say "hello" and let us know what you'd like to see covered in Whole Life Times. This is YOUR holistic publication Los Angeles and we strive to bring you relevant, insightful articles about health, healing, spirit, activism, and happenings in our wonderful city. We distribute to hundreds of places in the Southland including health food stores, cafes, spiritual centers, libraries, yoga centers, boutiques, health practitioners and doctors' offices, and so many more. Let us know where you find your copy and where else you'd like to see it. We ask that you pls support our ever-important advertisers. They are the strength of this community and we are fortunate that we do have these resources available. Whether looking for a product, practitioner, a fabulous book to read, or event to attend, you'll find it in the pages of WLT. Pls let them know you saw it here! The Vernal Equinox is March 20. What do you do to stay balanced? Life can be stressful, but it's nice to always remind ourselves to take a breather. Perhaps go for a forest bath, as we write about in City of Angels. It sounds so simple, yet can do so much good for body, mind, and spirit. March also celebrates Women's History Month with March 8 designated as International Women's Day. It was truly inspiring once again this year to stand in solidarity with our sisters (and the brothers who love them) at the annual Women's March. Downtown was filled with hundreds of thousands of women, peacefully demonstrating and talking about not only how far we've come but more importantly, the work left to do. You know women are STILL not in the US Constitution. The ERA has not been ratified and it's vastly important to keep this at the forefront. Is there some reason why this should not be? It is 2019!!! I am striving to understand this. My direct email is gina@wholelifemagazine.com. Write me. We appreciate you dear readers. Thank you for all you do in this community! Have a beautiful and peaceful Spring. May hope abound. The Light is coming! With Love ~ from the editor

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