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February/March 2019 17 yoga The Divine Love within Me Honors the Divine Love within You NAMASTE By Brian Hyman David Young's Gorgeous New Book reveals important information about The True Story of Jesus and his Wife Mary Magdalena, as revealed through 10 evidential channelers. The pages are filled with David's Soft Abstract Art as well as 90 minutes of his Heavenly Music accessible via via 12 QR Codes. David Young trav- els the world pre- senting meditation workshops called A Portal Between Heaven and Earth. He has recorded 60 albums, and sold one million copies. For more information please visit: DavidYoungMusic.com To book a workshop, book signing or interview Contact: deashandera@yahoo.com or vanessavalore@gmail.com A WORD WE OFTEN HEAR WITHIN THE YOGA TRADITION IS NAMASTE. Let's take a look at what this word means: Nama = to bow; as = I; te = you. Namaste can then be translated as "I bow to you." Or, within the yoga tradition, it is typically interpreted as some derivative of this statement: "The Divine Love within me Honors the Divine Love within you." Can you believe your true nature is Divine Love? Or, the wisdom and light of God, Source, and Creation? Can you believe that each person you meet also shares the same spark of divinity within him or her? To truly answer this question, we must embrace the spiritual principle of namaste, which is humility. With humility, we can see others who are seemingly unlike us and bow to them as fellow travelers on this Earth journey. With humility, we can befriend fellow, imperfect people who are also trying to do their best in the world. With humility, we can withhold judgment, as we will realize all of us are capable of all things. If the idea of bowing to or acknowledging another person is new or uncomfortable, let us remember it is not a person we are bowing to, but the inherent, perfect essence or energy within all beings which we acknowledge. We bow or surrender to the flawless inner nature of all things. Some may call this the Soul, Spirit, Highest Consciousness, Divine Love, or something else. To perform the physical gesture of namaste, we place our hands together at the heart. We bring the five fingers of the left hand together with the five fingers of the right hand. We bring our palms together. We place the thumbs at the heart with the pinky edges of the hands facing outward. We draw our chin down toward our chest and bow our head. This mudra with hands together in prayer position at the heart is called Anjali mudra. A mudra is a gesture or energetic seal. When we create a mudra, we harness power. Specifically, when we create the mudra for namaste at the heart, we cultivate love, in addition to compassion, understanding, forgiveness, and other positive traits. When the sound and gesture associated with the word namaste are created, there is a dissolution of the individual self; the Ego dissipates; and a sense of wholeness is manifested. When we cultivate this relationship between self and others, Oneness is achieved. And that is the ultimate goal in yoga – Oneness, or union of all things. Imagine if we could bring these ideas about namaste to every person in the world. Imagine if all beings could identify within themselves the place where Divine Love resides and offer that to others. I am reminded of John Lennon's song "Imagine" within which he sings: "Imagine all the people, living life in peace." I believe that is the ultimate goal of the word and gesture associated with namaste: to bring peace to ourselves and others with a seemingly simple yet deeply profound word and gesture that signifies Divine Love. Indeed, namaste is a word often heard in the yoga tradition. But as we have learned, it is so much more. So let us use it mindfully and with purpose. Namaste. Brian Hyman, RYT, is a yoga and meditation teacher, writer, and father. He works extensively with yoga and addiction recovery. Visit www.brianhymanyoga.com.

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