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AROUND Educators Soaring with AEA Aspiring Goals AROUND According to research AEA Organizational Consultant Francis AEA by the National Education Stennis is the group's AEA staff liaison. "It's fun AROUND Association (NEA), half of to see the eSWAG members work. They've new U.S. teachers are likely come up with their own name, goals, and plan AEA to quit in the first five years their own events." AROUND of teaching due to poor As Association colleagues, eSWAG's goal working conditions and low is stated as "We are joining together to build AEA salaries. In an effort to reach personal and professional relationships through AROUND out to new, young teachcommunity outreach and participation in ers just starting out in their professional development and political action AEA career and provide the relwhich support our interests in Arizona students AROUND evancy of the Association to and our careers in public education." those ages 30 and under, the Arizona Education eSWAG has held numerous social events AEA Association (AEA) has formed the Educators to engage the under-30 crowd, including a AROUND Soaring With Aspiring Goals (eSWAG) group. get-together at Lucky Strike's Gypsy Lounge in Last year, AEA held focus groups with downtown Phoenix, where they discussed the AEA members under the age of 30 to learn how they AROUND viewed the Association and what resources they significance of the general election to public education. needed to be successful in their work. These Community engagement and service is also AEA members were very honest in their feedback and an important value of eSWAG. They held a AROUND stated that what they valued and needed most Holiday Book Drive this past December to colfrom the Association was relevant professional lect children's books for those in need. They AEA development, mentorship and preparation for of 500 books and collected AROUND National Board Certification, and hands-on train- surpassed their goal books from members, over 2,000 donated ing around student loan forgiveness. school staff, students and their families. The AEA As a result from this focus group exercise, the books were donated to the Child Crisis Center AROUND eSWAG group was formed and included the in Mesa, the Crisis Nursery in Phoenix, André following members: Sandy Cobos, Cartwright House of Hospitality in Phoenix, and a Sierra AEA EA; Amber Gould, Glendale Union EA; Vista school. AROUND Elizabeth Leivas, Tempe El EA; Ebony You can learn more about eSWAG on their McKinney, Sierra Vista CTA; Scott Piper, Facebook page at AEA If you're under the age of 30, enthusiastic about AROUND Coolidge EA; Jason Roach, Littleton EA; and Kelly Trujillo, Tempe El EA. public education, and looking for a way to get involved in the Association, you are encouraged AEA to get involved with eSWAG! 2 AROUND AEA Offers SEI and School Finance Trainings This past January, AEA held a number of professional development AEA trainings. AEA offered an opportunity to complete the mandatory 45-hour Advocacy/Bargaining Organizational Consultant AROUND Structured English Immersion (SEI) requirement at AEA headquarters. This Randy Carter gives a school finance training at methodsAEA addition to the provisional, fulfills the full SEI endorseclass, in Paradise Valley Community Center. ment required by the state. The class was taught by Certified SEI AROUND Facilitators, Jason Schnee and Kathryn Schooler. LocalAEA bargaining teams received hands-on trainassociation ing (shown at right) on school finance and negotiation skills AROUND as they head into bargaining discussions soon. These trainings were held regionally throughout Arizona and taught by AEA AEA organizational consultants. If you missed any of these classes, AROUND be sure to visit the AEA website at for upcoming professional development opportunities. You can also AEA receive up-to-date news and information on AEA events and education issues through the AEA Insider, a monthly e-newsletter. You can sign up for the AEA Insider by sending an email to AEA Communications Organizational Consultant Sheenae Shannon at Spring.13advo.indd 10 10 Spring 2013 x AEA Advocate 1/29/13 10:53 AM

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