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AT THE CAPITOL AT THE CAPITOL AT THE CAPITOL AT THE CAPITOL AT THE CAPITOL AT THE CAPITOL AT THE CAPITOL AT THE CAPITOL AT THE CAPITOL AT THE CAPITOL AT THE CAPITOL AT THE CAPITOL AT THE CAPITOL AT THE CAPITOL AT THE CAPITOL AT THE CAPITOL AT THE CAPITOL AT THE CAPITOL AT THE CAPITOL Spring.13advo.indd 6 2013 AEA Legislative Agenda Approved by the AEA Board of Directors on December 1, 2012 Goals 1. To advance sound education policy that meets high standards for teaching and learning and ensures a high quality education for all Arizona students. 2. To promote necessary and adequate funding for public education as an investment in Arizona's children and its future. 3. To promote fairness and respect for public education and all public education employees. 4. To maintain a fair and secure retirement system for current and future school employees. Quality Teaching and Learning AEA will advocate for policies that promote a systemic approach to quality teaching and learning inclusive of teacher preparation and certification; professional development, including mentoring and career development; evaluation; and compensation structures. AEA will advocate for the necessary flexibility in the English Language Learner (ELL) models and required documentation as well as adequate funding to meet the needs of all ELL students and content providers. AEA will advocate for educator input into the development of the Common Core implementation and aligned PARCC assessments, including the technology and infrastructure needs of LEAs and schools to prepare and implement Common Core. AEA will advocate for differential testing options for special needs students that provide alternate standards and assessments that meet students' intellectual abilities. Public Education Funding AEA will advocate for adequate and equitable public education funding that supports quality teaching and learning to high standards. To realize such funding, AEA will advocate for state tax policies that are sustainable, researchinformed, and aligned with long-term economic strength. AEA will advocate for resources to support the effective implementation by LEAs and schools of recently enacted policies including by not limited to: Common Core standards, PARCC assessments; Move on When Reading; Move on When Ready/Grand Canyon Diploma; A-F School Labels and intervention support for D and F schools; teacher and principal evaluation. Fair Employment Rights AEA will advocate restoring teacher employment rights relating to contract dates, RIF process, salaries, nonrenewal notices and association work. AEA will advocate for due-process rights for education support professionals (classified employees). Retirement System AEA will advocate for retirement system policies that sustain a Defined Benefit plan for state employees. The AEA 2013 Legislative Agenda is developed by the AEA Government Relations and Legislative Action Task Force and approved by the AEA Board of Directors. It is based on the public policy statements included in the AEA Legislative Platform adopted by the 2012 AEA Delegate Assembly. AEA will monitor all legislation and will take a position to support or oppose any bill that enhances or detracts from the AEA Legislative Platform. 2 6 Spring 2013 x AEA Advocate 1/29/13 10:53 AM

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