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6 The Costume Designer Winter 2019 BONNIE NIPAR (Leesa Evans Le Cloud, Costume Houses) Bonnie Nipar joined the Guild in 1997 and works as a Costume Designer for television. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, she was an art student at Carnegie Mellon before moving to Los Angeles and entering the industry. A huge fan of The Costume Designer, Associate Editor Nipar loves being involved in all aspects of the magazine. She says, "It's a treat to honor the latest accomplishments of our peers." CONTRIBUTORS CHRISTINE COVER FERRO (Costume Houses) Christine Cover Ferro joined the Guild in 2012 after nine years of theatre and indie work in Los Angeles. Previous stops included costume work in her adopted hometown of Miami, as well as Boston and the Twin Cities. She studied theatre design at Brandeis University and Macalester College. As a lover of storytelling in all forms, she enjoys exploring the different facets of Costume Design and bringing them to light in the magazine. GARY V. FOSS (Costume Houses) MEERA MANEK (Ruth E. Carter Profile) DANA REBECCA WOODS (Betty Pecha Madden Profile) ROBIN RICHESSON (Pay Equity, Illustration) Meera Manek is a Kenyan-born writer, comedian, and real estate professional based in Los Angeles. While completing her MBA in Washington, DC, Meera stud- ied speechwriting with vice presidential speechwriters and has since founded her own consulting practice. She has worked with executives, industry experts, entre- preneurs, and professionals to nurture their authenticity and inspire people through their stories. Meera has enter- tained audiences with her charm and quick wit as a keynote speaker, master of ceremonies, and stand-up comedian . Since 2000, Meera has been an active member of Toastmasters and was featured in their international magazine. Dana Rebecca Woods is a Costume Designer and labor activist. She hails from New York City where she broke away from the family business to study theater design at Brandeis University. Woods' design career brought her to the West Coast to work on productions for stage, television, and film. She took a brief foray to the East Coast as an assistant professor teaching Costume Design at the University of Central Florida. Woods is now back in Los Angeles, continuing to fulfill her passion for storytelling through Costume Design. After joining the Guild in 1992, Richesson currently works as a costume illustrator, a storyboard artist, and educator. "I trained to work as an illustrator for print, so when the CDG began the magazine, I was pleased to be asked to illustrate for it. I love working in film, but I have to admit, I missed seeing my work in print. After spending years teaching English and history, Gary Foss has turned his hand to his life-long passion for writing. When not composing poetry, working on his own projects, or engaging in his passion for drawing, he can be found reviewing books, art, and contemporary culture on his blog at rootwordssite and on Twitter @garyvfoss

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