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24 The Costume Designer Winter 2019 Glenn Close Spotlight Award Glenn Close is a costume conspirator of the first order. In 2017, the celebrated actress donated her costume collection to the Indiana University School of Art, Architecture + Design. The 766 pieces were gath- ered from some from her most notable performanc- es: Dangerous Liaisons (CD James Acheson), Fatal Attraction (CD Ellen Mirojnick), and 101 Dalmatians (CD Anthony Powell). Close says, "My costume collec- tion has been a treasured possession. It represents not only the characters I have played in the last 35 years, but also the thousands of hours spent in fitting rooms, collaborating with brilliant Costume Designers and builders. These garments represent a process that is at the very core of my craft. I treasure each costume because it was conceived and built by some of the very best in the business, and each piece has added, immeasurably, to my understanding of the characters I have inhabited." For this vitality and passion which she brings to every role, the Costume Designers Guild will honor Close with the 2019 Spotlight Award. Ryan Murphy Distinguished Collaborator The Costume Designers Guild Distinguished Collaborator Award recognizes individuals who show an "unwavering support" of the art of Costume Design. From the moment Murphy burst on the scene, he discarded assumptions of what television should look like. Costume Design plays a critical role in his visual storytelling. "No one can deny the indelible mark that Ryan Murphy has left on our television culture," said President Salvador Perez. Costume Designer and producer Lou Eyrich said, "In my nearly 20 years of working with Ryan, I still stand in awe of his vision, his ability to boldly create groundbreaking shows. When we meet on a new project, what excites me most is his descriptions of the characters from their costumes, wigs, sets, and color palette to the cars they drive. He's thorough and precise, with a keen wit that keeps us laughing. His drive to bring more equality into the film industry is also commendable. His HALF initiative supports more women and minority directors and encourages all departments to hire diverse crews." Ryan Murphy wil be honored with the Costume Designers Guild 2019 Distinguished Collaborator Award. Distinguished Collaborator and Spotlight Awards Photos: Ryan Murphy, Robert Trachtenberg. Glenn Close, Brigitte Lacombe

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