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40 W I N T E R 2 0 1 9 C A S Q U A R T E R L Y Thomas Curley CAS wrapped Season 2 of Yellowstone at the end of November, rounding out an overall excellent 2018! Along with a feature adaptation of A Million Little Pieces and a commercial or two, it was a great success! Additionally, Tom's brother Brian is also busy on all kinds of shoots, commercials, and more. Here's to a great 2018 and onto the next one! 2018 wraps up a big year for Gavin Fernandes CAS, with three series (HBO, MGM, NBC), three features, and a few docs. Next year starts off with a bang mixing the Superpower Dogs IMAX movie, then onto CBS's Blood & Treasure. Sound mixer Brad Harper CAS, boom operator Lesa Foust, and utility Chris Frazee just completed the first four episodes of the first season of The Chosen. The next four episodes will resume shooting spring 2019. Alexander Markowski CAS has been busy mixing the independent feature documentary When All That's Left Is Love, about the burden of family caretakers of Alzheimer's patients. During that time, he had to evacuate a family away from Hurricane Florence and created an impromptu mixing room safely away from danger in a family member's guest room. Now he is back and safe and happy in Wilmington, North Carolina, beginning Season 2o of Tales, the hip hop anthology series for BET. Steve Weiss CAS has been mixing the Magnum P.I. reboot in Hawaii with Vince Schelly on boom and Chris Wiecking deftly handling utility chores. It was a year full of HBO for production mixer Geoffrey Patterson CAS, who Roberts boom and Tyler Blythe utility, returned to Atlanta mid-year to complete Avengers: End Game. And in late January will be going back to Atlanta to record the next Jumanji, the third in the series, which will star the same cast as the last Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. It's been a great couple of years for this team and they are looking forward to even more adventures in the next years. Marvel's Jessica Jones Season 3 wrapped this December with boom operator Gregg Harris, utility/2nd boom operator Eric Branting, and 2nd unit mixer Julian Townsend joining production sound mixer Joshua Anderson CAS to close out an eight-season run of television. With the cancellation of Marvel's Daredevil in early December, it appears the team's superhero journey is ending or at least taking a long hiatus. In the middle of 2014, Josh Anderson CAS, Gregg Harris, Julian Townsend, and utility/2nd boom operator Terence McCormack Maitland started work on the first season of Daredevil. That began a 99-episode run through Jessica Jones S1, S2, and S3, Luke Cage S1, Iron Fist S1, Daredevil S3, and The Defenders miniseries. Along the way, David Tirolo joined them as the Pro Tools playback mixer and Eric took over as utility/2nd boom op for the last three seasons. It was a long marathon of filmmaking and many thanks are in order to Gregg, Eric, Terence, Julian, and David, as well as the many other sound people who subbed in addition to the crew members, production staff, directors, and producers who help maintain a boom-heavy (mostly two booms) workflow. There was a lot of fun had in filthy locations and stunt-heavy scenes. The sound team will surely miss the chance to record the dialogue of some of their favorite superheroes. Frank Morrone CAS and Colette Dahanne are busy mixing Criminal Minds, The Fix, and On My Block on Stage Six at Westwind. Karol Urban CAS MPSE enjoyed a small mid-session break over the holidays from mixing Station 19 Season 2 and Grey's Anatomy Season 15 with sfx mixer Kurt Kassulke. She is also mixing Single Parents for ABC with sfx mixer Ross Davis. Finally, she had time to lend her services during the break as an additional re-recording mixer for Chris M. Jacobsen CAS on the Bollywood action blockbuster Petta, as well as mix the next film in the horror film anthology for Hulu Into the Dark with Marti D. Humphries CAS entitled Down. For more than six months, Aron Siegel CAS, with the help of his crew of boom op Robert Vardaros, utility Nik Waddell, and day player utility Brittany Myers, mixed Season 2 of DC Comics' Black Lightning for The CW network (part of the Flash/Arrow- verse), which shot from June of 2018 until January 2019. Splinter days were mixed by Aaron 'Cujo' Cooley CAS, Todd Weaver CAS, Rodney Gurule, and Bud Raymond. Music playback by John Maskew, as always. Splinter crews included CAS Associate Allen Williams, Matt Derber, Joey Meyerhoff, and Hunter Moore. Michael Perricone CAS was at Smart Post West mixing Samurai Marathon 1855 with director Bernard Rose, plus indie feature Inherit the Viper with Swiss director Anthony Jerjen. John Pritchett CAS and crew, Dave

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