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2 5 TH SAG AWA R DS S P E C I A L 101 S AG A F T R A .O R G 2 0 1 9 1. Marx Brothers foil: Dignified Margaret Dumont gave Groucho, Harpo and Chico some screen competition in MGM's A Day at the Races, giving the Best Performance by a Supporting Player for June 1937.; 2. Young performer: 14-year-old Deanna Durbin in Universal's musical comedy Three Smart Girls on the cover of the February 1937 issue of The Screen Guild Magazine. In December 1936, Durbin won for Best Performance by a Star. The magazine noted, "It was the first time in the history of Guild Awards that a juvenile player has won first place in the voting."; 3. Final Ballot: A ballot was printed in each monthly issue of The Screen Guild Magazine until the September 1937 issue.; 4. Scene Stealer: Members loved the performance of Russian-born Mischa Auer, voting his comic turn in Universal's 100 Men and a Girl Best Performance by a Supporting Player in September 1937. Auer became the final award recipient. THE AWARDS BEFORE THE AWARDS U NIVERSAL STUDIOS, STAGE 12, FEB. 25, 1995: The inaugural Screen Actors Guild Awards show was broadcast on NBC from this legendary stage, constructed in 1928 for sound films. The very first Actor statuette was presented to Martin Landau for his role in Ed Wood as Bela Lugosi, the iconic Count Dracula of stage and screen. In an uncanny coincidence, both Stage 12 and Lugosi played roles in the founding of Screen Actors Guild more than 60 years earlier. Lugosi filmed Dracula scenes S N A P S H O T B Y V A L E R I E YA R O S 4 2 3 1

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