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from the editor Get Empowered with WOMEN'S NIGHT OUT! Could you use some inspiration & planning? Do you enjoy positive, supportive women? Join us Feb. 22 and/or March 22 for a life-changing evening! MDR Marriott ♥ $20 early reg. ♥ 6-10pm www.wnomdr.eventbrite.com Celia Ward-Wallace & Empowering Women Every Day Professional Distribution Management Services For free newspapers & magazines provided by: News To Go ® Serving the Los Angeles area since 1978 www.newstogo.net 310-444-NEWS email: distribution@newstogo.net 8 wholelifetimesmagazine.com Masthead+_01.indd 8 BELOVED READERS, Love and sex are probably the most popular topics of conversation in every language in the world, even (or maybe especially) where they are forbidden subjects. Of course you're thinking that doesn't include English, right? And yet, with our Puritan heritage and the powerful inluence of religion, even here in our modern culture where we have ready access to not just menstrual products and birth control but also pornography, do we really see that much in print beyond titillation and scandals? You won't ind either in our Love & Sex issue. Rather, we address some of the more basic issues about relationships and intimacy, such as what happens when we stop having sex with a partner (pg. 19), how our hormones inluence our sex drive (pg. 17), how to keep banking interactions from interfering with bedroom interactions (pg. 24), and contrary to the prevailing wisdom, why fantasy and uncommitted sex can be a positive force (pg. 26). Back at the time of what some refer to as "sexual liberation," America became much more open about sexuality, but not everybody was emotionally ready to handle the new freedom. And just because we've been hopping between partners like bunnies for the half-century since doesn't necessarily mean our emotional IQ on this subject has progressed very far. EDITOR IN CHIEF But thenLewis love. Love is ine, we think, Abigail there's love is good, whether it is for a child, partner, a ADVERTISING DIRECTOR stranger or Michaud Elissa whomever. But where do most of us turn for advice about love? Mostly dead poets. I GRAPHICtell you DESIGN certainly can't Graphics what, exactly, love is. Bostrom You see, love for you, and love for you, CONTRIBUTING WRITERS and love for me can be three different things,Jeffreybe many different Barsha, Derek Beres, can Ainis, Nadia Ali, Lili things. Sandi Berg, Joanna Cazden, Conor Creighton, But one thing I can tell you about Hermanson, Kim Dinan, Maria Fotopoulos, Lara love isKatherine Jamieson, Jen Jones, Siel Ju, Emily Lewis, that when we haven't got it Amy Lyons, Celeste Perron, Jenny Rough, in our lives, it doesn't Caroline Ryder seem to matter what else we have got. FACTCHECKER SoJennifer Summers bewhere is the line tween CONTRIBUTING ARTISTS love and addiction? Raisah on page 28 Our story Ali, Danny Clinch, Kim Cooper, shows Steve where it all hapyou Ryan, Sera Timms pens in your PHOTOGRAPHY COVER brain. Can we TK extrapolate from substances HOLISTIC SERVICE DIRECTORY ADVERTISING to emotion? Maybe. It's cer- tainly worth thinking about. Just don't get your lover's initials tattooed on your body. This advice isn't to help you avoid embarrassment should you ind yourself with a different partner somewhere down the line. It's more about keeping toxins out of your body (pg. 18). In a good relationship, partners show their love every day, and don't need to wait for February 14. That being said, if you're looking for an interesting gift for your special someone, check out our Share the Love gift guide on page 15. Some mighty tempting items there! And if you're not in a romantic relationship, how about gifting yourself? You're a "good person," you work persistently (if perhaps intermittently) at growing and expanding, and you're certainly worthy of tender loving. Don't wait for someone else to step up to the plate this Valentine's Day. Give yourself the Valentine's love you desire and deserve. Author Deborah King shares more thoughts on this in a web-only story at www.wholelifemagazine.com. I addressed you, our readers, at the start of this letter as Beloved. You are indeed dearly loved. You are one-third of the equation that makes every issue of Whole Life Times possible, and just knowing you are out there keeps us going. If you love us, this Valentine's Day please remember to support our advertisers, who are the third leg of times this very sturdy and beautiful stool. wh le life Lara Hermanson (x 106) Lara@wholelifemagazine.com DISPLAY & DIRECTORY ADVERTISING LeeAnn Christian (x 103) LeeAnn@wholelifemagazine.com William Gastelum (x 104) William@wholelifemagazine.com From my heart, PUBLISHED BY Whole Life Times, a division of Whole Life Media, LLC Whole Life Media, LLC 23705 Vanowen St., #306 West Hills, CA 91307 Phone: 877.807.2599 / 310.425.3056 Fax: 310.933.1693 Web: wholelifemagazine.com e-mail: info@wholelifemagazine.com WHEN COMMUNICATING WITH US VIS EMAIL Please put the nature of your e-mail in the subject line, e.g. "Letter to the Editor" TO SUBMIT A LETTER TO THE EDITOR, SUGGEST A NEW BOOK FOR REVIEW OR SUBMIT A STORY IDEA FOR CONSIDERATION e-mail abigail@wholelifemagazine.com Send information to Whole Life Times Attn: Editor, 23705 Vanowen St., #306 West Hills, CA 91307 TO SUGGEST AN EVENT FOR THE CALENDAR Visit wholelifemagazine.com, select the calendar link under the options menu, and follow the prompts. 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