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6 acting Tips to Help you Get the Job success track W By Jane Marla robbins e all know that feeling—tightness in the belly, jumpy nerves, dry mouth, maybe even clammy hands— that can happen when something important is at stake, and job interviews are notorious for bringing it on. Here's where we have something to learn from actors, who, with every audition, are really interviewing to get their next part. If you have dificulty being the person you want to be at a job interview, a few acting "tools of transformation" can help you present your strong, self-conident, best self, with whatever qualities the job might require—compassion, competence, strength, sense of humor, sincerity, intelligence and so on. 1. First impression Extensive studies have shown that the points you get by giving a great irst impression usually stick. Likewise, if the irst impression isn't good, it's very dificult to change it later, so it should be stellar. You want to walk into that room looking and feeling self-conident, because nobody wants to hire someone who is depressed and feels inadequate. You need to convey the impression that you can ill their need for a person to do the job. So make sure your shoulders are not slumped forward and that your chest—where your heart is—is open. Job environments and co-workers want and need love, as well as excellent work, of course. Harvard studies show that if your chest is open, your brain will produce chemicals to make you feel selfconident, and that if your shoulders are slumped forward, constricting your chest, your body produces chemicals of depression and low self-esteem. Make sure, too, that you look your interviewer in the eye. Averting your eyes can unconsciously register as having something to hide. Your prospective employer wants to know you're someone who will give his or her all, and hold nothing back. 2. Your Voice A scratchy, squeaky or very soft voice will not engender conidence in a prospective employer. Here are two exercises for giving your voice more depth, resonance and self-assurance. First, make a "haaah" sound. Take a deep breath into your belly, extending it up your entire torso. Make sure your 22 wholelifetimesmagazine.com SuccessTrack_02.indd 22 1/25/13 5:59 PM

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