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Spiritual Community n One-Light-Cocreation.info CMYK color Spiritual Community Forming near Yosemite National Park with roots in Findhorn and the Ageless Wisdom. Co-creators welcome. n One-Light-Cocreation.info Get Drug-Free Neuropathy Pain Relief! • Pins & Needles • Tingling • Sharp Pain • Burning • Cramping • Numbness • Dificulty Sleeping Dr. Kambourakis offers state of the art, scientiically proven, drug-free neuropathy treatment endorsed by the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. Come to our Sherman Oaks ofice for a free consultation. 818.986.8484 16 Rock Body your Forming near Yosemite National Park with roots in Findhorn and the Ageless Wisdom. Co-creators welcome. By elizabeth Barker meditation+Art=less Anxiety For women with breast cancer, a stress management routine that pairs meditation with art therapy could go a long way in alleviating anxiety. That's the inding of a recent study from the Jefferson-Myrna Brind Center of Integrative Medicine, which involved 18 patients diagnosed with breast cancer within the last three years. For the study, one group of patients took part in an eight-week program called Mindfulness-Based Art Therapy (MBAT), a practice that combines stress-easing techniques like deep breathing yoga with art-making tasks designed to increase self-expression and nurture creativity. Compared to study participants assigned to an education program for the same time period, members of the MBAT group experienced signiicantly greater improvements in several measures of stress and anxiety. As noted by the study's authors, such changes might not only enhance emotional wellbeing for breast cancer patients—they could also help to stimulate the immune system and, as a result, lead to better outcomes in breast cancer treatment. Juicing for Better Blood pressure Downing a glass of beetroot juice could almost instantly bring down your blood pressure, suggests a new study from Nutrition Journal. In an experiment including 30 healthy adults, scientists discovered that drinking 17.6 ounces of a beetroot-based juice led to a signiicant drop in systolic blood pressure (the top number on a blood pressure reading) within just six hours. Past studies show that beetroot juice is rich in nitrates, nutrients known to relax and expand your blood vessels so that blood can low more smoothly. To tone down beetroot's earthy lavor, try blending it with sweeter juices like apple and carrot. time in nature Recharges Creativity Feeling brain-drained? Stepping away from the computer and taking to the outdoors could help replenish your creative energy and boost your problem-solving power. In a new study from psychologists at the University of Utah and the University of Kansas, 56 people (average age: 28) took part in an electronic-device-free wilderness hiking trip organized by the Outward Bound expedition school. Twenty-four of those study members completed a 10-item creativity test the morning before their trip, while the other 32 participants took the test on the morning of the trip's fourth day. Looking at test results, the study's authors determined that four days immersed in nature and disconnected from technology could help enhance creativity and problemsolving skills by at least 50 percent. According to the study's authors, spending time in nature helps to restore the brain's ability to keep focused on a task and tune out distractions. "It provides a rationale for trying to understand what is a healthy way to interact in the world, and that burying yourself in front of a computer 24/7 may have costs that can be remediated by taking a hike in nature," notes study coauthor David Strayer. wholelifetimesmagazine.com Wholeliving.indd 16 1/28/13 12:59 PM

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