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Cupid's undIe run city of angels Y ou'd have to be crazy to run a mile in February in your skivvies, even in usually balmy California, where we're seeing startlingly low temps this season. But on February 9 more than 8,000 people in 17 cities across the country and in Sydney, Australia will be doing just that. Cupid's Undie Run will be held the weekend before Valentine's Day in West Hollywood Park with a goal of raising more than a million dollars for Neuroibromatosis (NF) research and the Children's Tumor Foundation (CTF). Although this is the irst year for LA, it's the third for the Undie Run. It started two years ago with three buddies—Brendan Hanrahan, Chad Leathers and Bobby Gill—who wanted to raise awareness and donations to CTF after Chad's brother's diagnosis of NF. A genetic disorder that allows tumors to grow on nerves throughout the body, NF can cause blindness, deafness, learning disabilities, cancer and severe chronic pain. It affects more than two million people, and often requires patients to undergo numerous medical procedures throughout their lives. The run is no Victoria's Secret runway show; clothing is minimal but you'll need more than a thong, and producers say there will be maximum commitment to keeping things PG 13. Nonetheless, minimum age requirement for participation is 21. There's no cure for NF and few treatment options, so have some fun and share a little love around Valentine's Day. Festivities start at noon at the Abbey, the run is at 2, and there are prizes and a party back at the Abbey afterward. Form a team, join a team or register as an individual at www.cupidsundierun.com and start raising money, because 100 percent of the proceeds goes to CTF. And anyway, you know you want to get in shape for bathing suit season. —Abigail Lewis WHAT COUNTS? Go a day without thinking about love or sex. Boring, right? Two of the most discussed topics, yet their connection often confuses many, thanks to ideas like lust and infatuation. Both are rarely a numbers games (sex, maybe), but numbers tell a unique story about how Americans collectively seek them out. 2,157,000 U.S. marriages that occurred in 2007 844,000 that occurred in 2007 16.9 U.S. divorces Average age a male loses his virginity 17.4 Average age a female loses her virginity 75 Percent of men who report always reaching orgasm with their partners 29 Percent of women who report always reaching orgasm with their partners 30 Average percent of men ages 18–59 who report that climaxing too early is an issue 40 Photo: Daniel Pagel dpstudios.org Percent of women who feel their partners are not romantic New York Undie Run 14 CofA_05.indd 14 75 Percent of men who feel they are usually romantic 50 Percent of U.S. couples who stay in their irst marriage Sources: U.S. Census, California State University, The Kinsey Institute, Cosmopolitan, AskMen.com —Tim Posada wholelifetimesmagazine.com 1/25/13 5:41 PM

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