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132 CINEMONTAGE / Q4 2018 132 CINEMONTAGE / Q4 2018 TECH TIPS by Joseph Herman R ecently, Adobe unveiled important updates and enhancements to its suite of video applications in the Creative Cloud. Let's take a look at some of the new features aimed at filmmakers and video professionals. ADOBE SENSEI According to Adobe, Sensei is an important new technology that drives many new and exciting innovations to its products now, and in the future — but what exactly is Adobe Sensei? Artificial intelligence is a term that is not exactly new; it's been around for decades. However, recently it seems there's been a lot more talk about it. Also known as "machine learning," this technology is poised to deliver amazing advancements in all kinds of applications, industry pundits tell us. Products and technologies such as Amazon's Alexa, self-driving cars, robotics, games, social media, retail stores, finance and even health care all use and have benefited largely from artificial intelligence. In case you're concerned, intelligent machines aren't going to take over the world and make you an energy pod. At least not yet. Although AI will allow computers to learn from and anticipate your actions so that, over time, they get "smarter" at the tasks you set them to do. Adobe Sensei is Adobe's implementation of AI into the Creative Cloud. According to Adobe, it helps do things like automate repetitive tasks while allowing you to maintain creative control. It already exists in several features, for example Auto Ducking (automatically lowering music levels during spoken dialogue). Other Sensei features include matching color between shots and searching for specific images in Adobe Stock. The new release of Creative Cloud has new Sensei-enabled features such as intelligent audio cleanup tools and ways to transform art into animated characters. Keep an eye out to what extent Adobe Sensei will continue to enhance products in the Creative Cloud in the future (see Figure 1). NEW FEATURES IN PREMIERE As I've written about previously, the past few years have been good to Premiere. Buoyed by its ubiquity Adobe Puts the Art in Artificial Intelligence Figure 1: The new intelligent cleanup tool in Premiere Pro Creative Cloud is one of the features that has benefited from Adobe's artificial intelligence technology known as Sensei.

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