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Fall 2018

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24 The Costume Designer Fall 2018 CD ACD & Hope Hanafin Ivy Thaide Film and television productions are two of the most collaborative art forms in the world. Among the army of people needed to put together a production, the Costume Designer must interact effectively with all departments—actors, producers, and, of course, the director. However, a Costume Designer's most critical relationship is with their assistant. As productions continue to grow in scope and complexity, having a strong team and a reliable right hand has become a defining aspect of the Costume Designer's role. Like any relationship, there are as many dynamics as there are Costume Designers and assistants. Costume Designers Hope Hanafin and Ivy Thaide, serving as her ACD on Netflix's Chambers, give us a rare inside look at their partnership, the paths that led them to Costume Design, and how their experiences continue to shape their work translating the script into characters. By Gary Foss

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