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6 wholelifetimes.com It's that special time of year again when we reflect back upon the past 12 months and look forward to what's coming ahead in 2019. There is no doubt that most of us can say what a long, strange year it's been in so many ways, but perhaps we had magical and happily surprising moments along the way, too. In this holiday edition, we asked a few of our talented writers to consider this question: "What excites you during this holiday season or what are you most looking forward to as we head into brand new 2019?" Brian Hyman (Pg. 15) Looking ahead toward 2019, I plan to spend more quality time with family and friends. I will finish writing a book about my path to wellness. I am excited to create and share more online yoga and meditation content. And I will explore new opportunities to be of service within my Conejo Valley community. The year 2018 breaks down to an 11/2 World Number and that has highlighted such deep emotions—both positive and negative. The year 2019 breaks down to the 3 World Number which promotes more laughter and healthy communication. People will do what it takes to actually connect in person, and not just through texting or social media. Healing the family will become a priority. True forms of communication are making a comeback in 2019 and I welcome it! Glynis McCants (Pg. 20) For me, the holiday season is about the light. Some of my fondest childhood memories were in seeing the city streets transformed by light. Over the years, as I learned about the meanings of the different traditions, what ties them all together is the recognition of the truth of our own light. This kindling of our own light, of imagining our best self, is what makes me most hopeful about the new year—every year. Wendy Strgar (Pg. 12) After a tumultuous year, finally acquiring U.S. citizenship, celebrating our 25th anniversary, and graduating from art school, followed by shootings and fires in our community, the holiday season couldn't come at a better time. I feel mellow. What excites me is the spirit of Christmas Present and a fresh year beckoning with its hope of a more peaceful universe. And a climate of positive change, locally and globally. Gordon Durich (Pg. 23) contributors Greetings Dearest Readers ~ How are you, your families, your friends? November marked a particularly difficult and heart-wrenching time here in the Southland and throughout our beautiful California with the utterly merciless fires and horrible air quality because of them. A newscaster reported with the unpreceded volume of the fires "everyone knew someone affected." For all those who endured the wrath and suffered breaking loss, we hold you in the highest light of our hearts. For our firefighters and first responders, we have enormous appreciation and respect for you. For all those who fought for the animals and aided in rescue, your vigilance astounds us. Numerous stories of community and camaraderie have come from the devastating loss. Neighbors working together for a common goal. Must it always take an event of such magnitude to bring us together? As neighbors and community, let's please watch out for each other and take care of one another. Educator and spiritual psychologist Ron Hulnick experienced the evacuations firsthand and shared his heart-centered perspective in this edition. The holidays are upon us. Happy Yule! December 21st marks the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere — the longest night leading to the awakening of the Light. "Holy" days are celebrated by Light. This issue we are honored to bring you a heartfelt piece by energy master Dr. Sue Morter. Numerologist Glynis McCants shares her insight to the end of 2018 and what to look toward in 2019. Local Rabbi Judy Greenfeld offers us ways to stay peaceful and centered during challenging times. This includes giving to the people we love. Why not give yourself a gift and attend one of the fun events and activities around town? Check out the various boat parades in Marina del Rey and Newport Beach, Lights at the LA Zoo, or visit Grand Park downtown for Winter Glow, a night-time art experience. It's all about the LIGHT! When you are out and about during this season and pondering holiday gifts, pls consider supporting our advertisers. They are an enormously valued part of our community and especially this publication. We strive to bring you stories and articles of relevance from wisdom teachers, best-selling authors, and noted thought-leaders. By supporting our advertisers, frequenting their establishments, purchasing their products, and experiencing their services, we can continue to grow our community and keep one another lifted. We are in this conscious community together. Let's pls support one another in whatever way we can. 2019 will be here in a flash … then gone. As years go by, time truly does seem to feel like it's moving at lightning speed! Let's pls take time for each other — during the special holiday season and beyond. Our moments here are precious and fleeting …. Take a breath and enjoy along the way. Wishing you and your family the happiest of holiday seasons! With Love, Gratitude, and Best Wishes for a PEACEFUL 2019 ~ from the editor

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