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14 wholelifetimes.com A t this most auspicious time of the year, we are blessed to be inspired not only by our sentiment for tradition but also a deep desire to connect with the sacred. Something inside us yearns for what matters most as we are guided by a power beyond this realm altogether. We are within a Divine stewardship that moves to fulfill the greatest experience on earth — that of awakening to our wholeness — felt most acutely during these sacred holidays or "Holy Days" around the globe. No matter the tradition, the spiritual practice, or the particular holiday we celebrate, there is a common ground upon which we all stand, one that is holy and whole. It is wholeness itself and is the Truth of who we are as Divine beings. Becoming aware of this Truth is made possible by a source that exists beyond what we see when we look outward with our physical eyes as we navigate our day-to-day lives. It is a Divine light, invisible to the eyes yet felt as the light of our consciousness, that ignites our hearts and guides us toward awakening to our Divinity. Ever-present, this light becomes more potent during specific times of the year. Across the globe, the holidays are celebrated at this time for a reason. The stars truly align in such a fashion that allows this Divine light of the cosmos to fall upon the planet — and our consciousness — in a healing pattern for transformation. The ancient Vedic traditions reveal a relationship between the planets of our solar system and specific components of the very cells of our body. As the planets move in particular patterns, our cells activate in specific ways. This generates certain energies that allow for both healing and a rising of our consciousness in a way that serves our highest expression and unfoldment of our life purpose — to awaken to our own Divinity and our miraculous nature. This is the reason every indigenous culture celebrates the light at this time. Whether it's Hanukkah with the lighting of the menorah, Christmas traditions of illuminating the tree, the Hindu festival of lights known as Diwali, or Kwanzaa and the lighting of the kinara and others, each culture celebrates with lights in various form at this time of year for this very reason. Beyond cultural or religious identifications, everyone is affected by Divine light falling upon the planet in this beautifully rare and healing way. As it does, a powerful opportunity to heal not only ourselves, but the entire planet exists. Despite the cultural variations in tradition, when the mass consciousness focuses on a similar vibrational frequency — such as the sacred aspects of life, it generates an activation in the collective human bio-field whereby everyone has an opportunity to heal and elevate their own consciousness in that moment. During this time, these collective holiday celebrations are truly the "Holy Days" of our lives. Beyond the fear and turmoil we may witness in the "outside" world — the devastating fires, tragic mass shootings, or political, racial, and cultural divides, a Divine light is flooding our lives and our planet at this time which serves to ignite the Truth that we are ALL made of love and meant for greatness. This is the true gift given to each of us at this time. This year, I invite you to open your heart and consciousness to the experience of that Divine Light and Love and share in sacred celebration of the collective Truth that we are all, in fact, both Holy and Whole. May the Light of these Holy Days be yours. International speaker and master of bio-energetic medicine, Dr. Sue Morter utilizes the embodiment of high-frequency energy patterns to activate full human potential. Visit www.drsuemorter.com. Dr. Sue Morter A Sacred Time of EnLIGHTenment THE "HOLY DAYS" spirit

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