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78 SAG-AFTRA | Fall 2018 | In emails and videos, she urged them to cast their ballots for candidates who support their interests and will work to secure their futures. "[Voting] is a right people have fought and died for, and one we cannot ignore," she said. "Please, we need you to go out and vote in your primaries and the general election. Our democracy depends on it." The power of the ballot box was dramatically illustrated earlier this year in a victory for Missouri workers. In 2017, state legislators passed a right-to-work- for-less law designed to defund unions by giving workers the option to not pay for the costs of union representation. Fortunately, the state constitution allows the public to overturn laws through a referendum process — a "citizens' veto" — so Missourians rolled up their sleeves. I n advance of the recent midterm elections, SAG-AFTRA President Gabrielle Carteris urged members to vote, regardless of political affiliation. "Remember, in a democratic system, not everyone gets a say. Only those who vote," Carteris said. SAG-AFTRA and other unions, including the Missouri State AFL-CIO, worked hard to get the signatures of 15 percent of the electorate, a requirement to put the question to voters. We reached out to members and recruited award-winning actor and member John Goodman, a Missouri native, to help get the message out in a statewide radio spot. "It's being sold as a way to help Missouri workers," Goodman says in the informational ad. "But look a little deeper and you'll see it's all about corporate greed." Voters got the message and the results were remarkable, with two-thirds rejecting the law. It was the first time voters anywhere in the United States overturned a so-called "right-to-work" law. The successful campaign was only possible Members encouraged to exercise their right and responsibility. at the power Polls

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