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Understanding ourselves is understanding the creation; learn about your own body's sacred geometry with Sunburst's lifelong scholar Craig Hanson. Take part in heart-opening Dances of Universal Peace; enjoy yoga, meditation, nourishing meals, and more. Sliding scale donation: $100–$200 plus lodging/camping. November 16—18, 2018 www.Sunburst.org/celebrate | ContactUs@Sunburst.org | 805.736.6528 Celebrate Life Retreat with Sacred Geometry and Dances of Universal Peace A GUIDE TO FINDING YOUR LIFE PURPOSE "The Life-Purpose System . . . is absolutely amazing in its predictive value. It will help you sort out your life and guide you on the path of fulfi llment." — DEEPAK CHOPRA, author of The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success 25th Anniversary Edition www.newworldlibrary.com | Also available as an ebook P erhaps you've seen the disturbing posters of recent polit- ical fi gures plastered on utility boxes and sides of build- ings throughout LA? Just in time for Halloween, and the mid-term elections, famed street artist and cutting political com- mentator Robbie Conal, whom The Washington Post has called "America's foremost street artist," debuts his "Cabinet of Hor- rors" show from Oct. 13 - Nov. 10 in LA at Track 16 Gallery. The show is a series of 24 satirical portraits of Donald Trump and members of his cabinet and inner circle, with plenty of fake gold leaf and other pompous décor. The opening will also host a voter registration table. "The 'Cabinet of Horrors' is an outburst of work. I didn't decide to do this, I was compelled to paint them. I can't stop, and neither can many others," states Conal. "Ironically, the one thing Trump has done for American artists, is to 'inspire' thou- sands of them — including some of the very best who never would otherwise do this — to address politics in their art." In 1986, angered by the Reagan Administration's abuse of po- litical power in the name of representative democracy, Conal set aside his training in abstract expressionism and began making black and white, unfl attering, satirical oil portraits of politicians and bureaucrats, starting his fi rst public art project, "Men With No Lips." The current show features the detailed original oil paintings from which prints and posters are created and taken to the streets of major cities by Conal and his guerilla army of volunteers. "Street art in general has exploded all over the world," Conal states considering the past 35 years. "It's truly an unstoppable phenomenon. The art world was initially too snobby to accept it, so it sneaked into the mainstream through the fashion industry. — How do you monetize a scrawl on a wall? Put it on a t-shirt!" Opening: October 13, 7-10pm; Show runs through Nov. 10 at Track 16 Gallery, Bendix Building, 1206 Maple Ave, #1005, LA. Preview many of his posters @robbieconal. Take to the Streets Artist Robbie Conal Illustration by Robbie Conal 10 wholelifetimes.com

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