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from the editor contributors October and November mark such a special time as the wheel of the year turns. Although the outdoor changes can be slightly subtler in our beautiful Southland, Autumn still indicates a time of transition during this change of light and season. With that theme, we are asking a few of our talented contributors to consider this question — "During the Autumn season of transition and harvest, what are you most looking forward to as the light wanes and the weather chills? Or do you have any special Fall memories from years gone by?" Neal Broverman (Pg. 23) Thanks to climate change, our summers are growing warmer and warmer. While I'm no fan of snow and ice, I love the chillier temperatures that autumn brings; the nip in the air, the changing trees, and, fi nally, the cathartic rains that wash away all the dirt that accumulated on L.A.'s streets and sidewalks for six months! Autumn comes, leaves fall, rain plasters them onto the windshield of my dad's car. I am visiting the Midwest, where I grew up. Classical music by Debussy plays on the radio. I am thankful for all my favorite things. Namaste. Kathy Vilim (Pg. 8) I grew up on the east coast, and when autumn arrived, I looked forward to watching the colors changing on the trees, a last burst of vivid palette before winter snow. Living in Cali- fornia, that defi nitive change of seasons is marked by a different set of shifting colors, in the sunset. This is the time of year when rich golds, fi ery reds, glowing oranges, and surreal pink lines the sky; the fi erce fading of the day made more dramatic when clouds ribbon and speckle the horizon. These sunsets are every bit as vivid — and as much a sign of fall — as the turning of the leaves. Genie Davis (Pg. 12) Where I live, Central Florida, the beginning of Autumn isn't instant sweater weather or leaves turning to brilliant tones (although some trees change). It's when Central Floridians take a collective sigh of relief because the temperature FINALLY drops below 90 or 100, our car seats aren't swel- tering, and the blanket of suffocating hu- midity is tolerable. We used to look forward to October because that's when we fi rst felt the temp change, but now our crisp mornings usually come closer to November. Climate change! Laura Owens (Pg. 14 ) Sign up for our Digital Edition! Go to www.wholelifetimes.com and enter your email. Thanks! 6 wholelifetimes.com Greetings Dearest Readers! In this beautiful Autumnal season, change is in the air. We can witness nature's subtleties in the glow of the sky at dawn, in the bright golds and reds of foliage present in LA, and the crisper chill at night, especially in the desert and mountains. Autumn has always marked a time of transition – the wheel of the year turns and the veils between the worlds are thinnest, say the ancients. It's a time of year to turn inward as the light wanes and explore into the depths of our beings. Are you fi nd- ing that asked of you? So many decisions and distractions and opposing points of perception. Have we always been such a nation divided and torn and has the level of confl ict ever been so high? Perhaps – but is that what's necessary to bring about true change? We can look to Gandhi and Martin Luther King and our great activists and civil rights pioneers who held a torch and lit the way, even during the darkest of times. We wish for our publication to serve you. To be a bright light during these times. Thank you for taking your valuable time to read our publication. And thank you for supporting our adver- tisers, who in turn support us. We are together in community and we appreciate all the love and well wishes you, our dearest readers, have extended. What are you doing to stay calm and balanced? Write to us and let us know. My direct email is gina@wholelifemagazine. com. I would be thrilled to hear from you! In this season of darker hours, keep in mind there really IS something we can do as individuals – VOTE! We feature an article this month not only about the impor- tance of your voting strength, but how noted spiritual authors, fi lmmakers, and activists use their voice for the greater good. It doesn't matter on which side you stand. We are a community. Let your voice be heard through the power of your vote. As a child, my grandmother would always stress to me the im- portance of voting, because she, as a female, remembers the day when women couldn't vote and did not have a recognized voice. Enjoy the mystical wonders of Halloween and the time of harvest! And Happy Thanksgiving! However you choose to celebrate the season, may you be feeling blessed and abun- dant! Know we appreciate you and would not be doing this with- out you. Thank you for your loyal readership for all these years. And for those of you wishing to read online, be sure to sign up for our digital edition. Just enter your email in our web- site box at wholelifetimes.com. Or you can text the word WHOLELIFE (all one word) to 42828. Easy peasy! Wishing you Abundance and Hope during this Autumnal Season! With Gratitude ~

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