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October / November 2018

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M M A er a recent LA screening of his latest work, Fahr- enheit 11/9, lmmaker Michael Moore shared his thoughts to inspire us to action. "Democracy must be maintained, looked a er, and protected al- ways. It's too important and tenuous to take for granted. Small cuts can erode democracy semi-silently. Civil speech and debate in schools and in our homes should be a priority. It's how we de- velop critical thinking. Let's not be afraid to speak the truth. Let's also support our media that will not back down from telling the truth. e largest political faction is the 'Non-Voters' with 100 million in 2016. 75% of Americans believe in protecting the en- vironment and 61% believe in a woman's right to choose. ese ideologies aren't re ected in the voting outcomes. Voting is more important now than ever, even though it may not seem to matter. If the real numbers are there, that's where the power is." M W Bestselling author and spiritual teacher Marianne Williamson integrates the sacred with social and political activism. From her Sister Giant events to her campaign for US Congress in 2016, Marianne sees that our current times call for activating our Spiritual Citizenry. She shared her thoughts with me in a recent interview. Sunny: e fundamental promise of keeping liberty, democracy, and freedom alive in our country feels so important in our present climate. Do you feel a stronger vigilance is needed? Marianne: e reason liberty, democracy, and freedom matter is that these qualities allow us to take our wingspan as high and as wide as the natural intelligence within us can make it. We operate as all of nature operates. e natural intelligence that turns the bud into a blossom is the same architectural blueprint you and I carry by which we become the women we are capable of being. Nature invites us to be the best that we can be, in turn creating a society that invites us all to activate our fullest potential. Nature never says, "You Can't!" Only people do. Any imposed limitation to any member of the society or group is a spiritual issue and must not go unchecked. is is not the rst generation to be confronted by extremely un- democratic forces in our midst. e journey of American histo- ry is that generation a er generation there are Americans who stand up and repudiate the wrongs. No serious spiritual path gives us a pass on caring for other sentient beings. e founding of our democracy was not just a radical movement in political history but in the evolution of the human race. Also remember that eternal vigilance is the price of citizenry in a vital democ- racy. None of the hard-won freedoms should ever be assumed permanent. Participation and paying attention in these present times is more imperative than ever to keep our democracy alive and well. Sunny: It is said that the quality of our lives can be determined by the depth of the questions we ask of ourselves. What is the question you feel that those among us who desire to be spiritual citizens may ask? P B O A er the 2016 election, I was one of many on a conference call with Barack Obama. His encourag- ing and positive tenor was moving. is summary is from my notes on November 17, 2016. "When we look back at our country's history there were many periods of darkness as well as light. America has had her share of challenges having the fortitude to rise to a brighter place with the abolition of slavery, the woman's su rage movement, farm work- ers' issues, and many more. During my presidency when events turned bleak, when the political deck was stacked in ways that seemed unnavigable, we still found ways to prevail with the sup- port of you all. Let there be no doubt that even though there will be times of darkness in days to come, you will keep the American promise alive. So I say to you now, when many are despondent and afraid of what the future may hold, don't give up the ght. Stand strong for your beliefs, be persistent, and always keep moving toward dignity and solution. Remember our love of this big bold country, take care of each other, and of course, vote!" continued on next page… October/November 2018 19

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