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October / November 2018

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yoga & spirit frequency) and life path. You have this path for a lifetime. There are related factors I address in the new edition, such as whether you were born at or near midnight, or infl uences of the day before or after, or if you don't know your date of birth for certain. Although our life path remains the same, as we grow, mature, and evolve, we can face the issues on that path in more mature and resourceful ways, reducing the liabilities, overcoming the hurdles and challenges, and engaging the strength of that path (as outlined in the book). Ultimately, through spiritual practice, we may even liberate ourselves or transcend that life path, so that it no longer defi nes or delineates us. What's the best way for a new reader to make use of this system? DM: The book begins with a one-page guide titled, "How to read this book." To answer the question more generally, I encourage new readers to approach the material with healthy skepticism, but also an open mind. Anyone reading can visit www.peacefulwarrior.com, click on the menu link, "Life Purpose," access the free Life Purpose Calculator, put in their date of birth, fi nd their birth number (and primary meanings) and read a summary paragraph or two about their life path. Of course, the book reveals more detail, including spiritual laws key to overcoming the hurdles on that path — and also presents the dynamics of the composite num- ber and path of any person or relationship, and insight into our current place in the nine-year cycles of our life. How is this system similar to or different from the nu- merology systems in other books on the topic? DM: The ancient Hebrews, Chinese, Mayans, and Aztecs, as well as Islamic cultures, each had its own calendar and numer- ological systems. And each system differs considerably in how the birth numbers are calculated and interpreted. My book has become a central resource work for many numerologists (and psychologists and intuitive coaches) due to both its accuracy and articulation of elements not included in any other texts, an- cient or modern, including the spiritual laws key to each path. Based on correspondence and feedback I've read and re- ceived, I can only state that the information in this book has helped to clarify and enhance, and maybe even change, the lives of its readers — the same way my life was changed de- cades ago in that single session with the mentor who intro- duced me to the Life Purpose System. The Life You Were Born to Live (Revised 25th Anniversary Edi- tion): A Guide to Finding Your Life Purpose is published by New World Library. For more info, visit www.PeacefulWarrior.com. October/November 2018 17

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