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40  /  the tasting panel  /  september 2018 MAKE TIME FOR ... For many people in the workforce, achieving work-life balance is more of an aspiration than a tangible goal. It doesn't help that in today's increasingly digital world, ease of access and the tempting glow of a smartphone screen often allow work to creep into our lives until it's all-consuming. As the owners and operators of Livermore Valley's Wente Vineyards, the Wente family knows the importance of work-life balance all too well, as their familial relationships and livelihood have been inextricably linked for the past 135 years. For this reason, the company has emerged as a champion within the wine industry for promoting this concept of balance amongst its staff. "Wine inherently brings people together and allows for deeper connections, and we want to foster that same feeling among our employees," Wente Family Estates President Amy Hoopes says. This principle serves as the driving force behind Wente's new company initiative, the Make Time program, which incentivizes employees to maintain strong interpersonal relationships and engage in activities of their choosing during what's known as Make Time Off (MTO) hours. The company actively encourages employees to use these paid hours at their discretion, whether they're scheduling a long lunch with their parents, meeting up with an old friend for a coffee date, spending extra moments with their kids, or simply reading and relaxing—all without having to sacrifice precious vaca- tion days. "The program helps integrate the things that matter inside and outside of work," says Hoopes, "and that's at the core of family business." When it comes to "making time" for what matters, Wente Family Estates President Amy Hoopes says game night with her family tops the list. (Pizza night is a close second.) WENTE'S NEW "MAKE TIME" PROGRAM ENCOURAGES EMPLOYEES TO SEEK HAPPINESS "INSIDE AND OUTSIDE OF WORK" by Mara Marski photos by Hardy Wilson Intention and Purpose

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