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DEPARTMENT HEADER 26  /  the tasting panel  /  september 2018 Movers & Shakers Want to connect with beverage industry leaders? Tap into BevForce at or email for more information. CAREER CORNER F orceBrands is the leading recruiting and staffing firm for the beverage, food, and beauty industries. We offer executive recruiting services, board of director assembly, and industry-specific job boards including BevForce—which con- nects global beverage companies with future leaders. George Hutchinson has been named Sales Director at Destilería Serrallés. He had been Managing Partner/COO/CFO of AnestasiA Vodka/NumBrands Inc. Jennifer Meacham Bailey has been named EDV–Mid Atlantic Division Manager for Palm Bay International. She had been District Manager for Ste. Michelle Wine Estates. Gabriela da Silva has been named Trade Marketing Manager at Campari Group. She had been Global Brand Manager – LEBLON Cachaça. Jean Manning has been named Marketing Manager at Gruppo Montenegro. She had been Brand Manager at Casa Dragones Tequila. Four Interview Questions You Should Never Ask (And What to Ask Instead) Job interviews give you the opportunity to showcase who you are, why you're the best fit for a role, and what makes you stand out from other candidates. While some rules of etiquette are universal to the interview process, determining which questions to ask a prospective employer is often trickier to navigate, as no two interviews are the same. In addition to being thoughtful and well-researched, your questions should be tailored to the employer and role. And as important as it is to know what to ask, it's equally essential to know what not to ask during the process. According to a 2014 survey conducted by CareerBuilder, 32 percent of hiring managers reported that not asking good questions in an interview is one of the most common mistakes job seekers make during the hiring process. Here are some questions you should avoid asking during an interview and alternatives to consider posing instead. 1. "HOW SOON CAN I EXPECT TO BE PROMOTED?" While this question shows your ambition to succeed, it may also prove you're not willing to put in the grunt work of the role you're actually applying for. Pro tip: Try asking, "What does upward mobility look like for this role?" 2. "WHAT ARE SOME OF THE PERKS AND BENEFITS OF THIS ROLE?" This question can often be misinterpreted, making the hiring manager feel like they need to sell you on the role. Wait until you have a firm offer on the table before inquiring about benefits. Pro tip: Try asking, "Would you mind describing the company's culture for me?" 3. "WILL THIS ROLE LEAD TO OPPORTUNITIES TO WORK IN OTHER DEPARTMENTS WITHIN THE COMPANY?" This question might express your interest in the busi- ness, but it also shows your lack of focus on the role you're currently pursuing. Stay focused and present during your interview. Pro tip: Try asking, "Are there any internal mentorship or professional development programs that would connect me with leaders within the company?" 4. "WHEN WAS THE COMPANY FOUNDED?" Avoid asking obvious questions. It's important to do your research about the employer, but avoid questions that fail to yield meaningful dialogue. Pro tip: Try asking, "What do you find to be the most rewarding aspect of working here?"

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