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70 The Costume Designer Spring 2018 SCRAPBOOK Two decades ago, when Darren Star gave Costume Designer Patricia Field the descriptor "eclectic" to evoke Carrie Bradshaw, Field launched into an exploration of character which changed the course of television. Her costumes for Sex and the City were a visual admonishment of gritty nineties shows. She reintroduced the possibility of glamour into everyday clothing and married high and low fashion with abandon and delight. The fledgling Internet sounded the message and women around the world were transfixed. Carrie became a new type of hero and her look was the armor with which she navigated the modern world. Field explains, "Confidence, independence, and intelligence are the new and permanent must-haves to be a sexy woman. Carrie Bradshaw displayed these characteristics, as behind Carrie was Sarah Jessica Parker (SJP)—a natural example of the woman we are talking about. Behind Carrie and SJP was yours truly, making our combination organic and believable." Sex and the City Patricia Field

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