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4 The Costume Designer Summer 2018 EDITOR'S NOTE I recently enjoyed a fascinating conversation with Costume Design legend Robert Blackman, who shared his forty-year perspective on the state of our industry. Among his opin- ions was that as a union, we should acknowledge the great changes which have been set into motion with the #MeToo movement, whose repercussions have ricocheted through- out our industry and beyond. He suggested that now is the time to seize the moment collectively. Indeed, the land- scape for women working in production has shifted both in front of, and behind the camera. I was inspired. We recognize that critical transformation in this summer magazine with the theme, "Strong is the New Sexy." Thank you, Bob. I am delighted to have some wonderful new contributors in this issue. It was a pleasure to work with illustrator Xander Smith on the cover. We strove to depict an embodiment of our theme, with a female hero vanquishing archaic ideals of beauty with strength. Xander executed that vision with artistry and expertise. In the accompanying lead feature, Costume Designer Alexandra Welker considers three very different applications of the empowered female protagonist. She spoke to Sarah Edwards (Ocean's 8), Judy Gellman (American Woman), Beth Morgan (GLOW), and Dolores Ybarra (Claws). Also, Costume Designer Amanda Riley gives us an insid- er's guide to her current hometown in On Location: Vancouver. Associate Editor Christine Cover Ferro relays the moving story of designers giving back in Lollipop Superheroes. And our own Executive Board member and Costume Design Governor of the TV Academy, Terry Gordon, introduces the Emmy nominees. As always, I am grateful for the support of Associate Editor Bonnie Nipar and Stacy Ellen Rich. Speaking of Emmys, the Television Academy has rightfully separated Fantasy/ Sci-Fi from Period shows for a total of four categories. This recognizes the scope of Costume Design, dear readers, and is a triumph for our field. Television Costume Design has become so staggering in scope, breadth, and execution. We congratulate the 2018 nominees for their outstanding work. Your Executive Board has implemented one critical policy change to our maga- zine and online content. A few months ago I appealed to them because their pre- decessors established a rule requiring that all members nominated for an award not be featured in our print and online media during awards season. As Costume Design grew in prominence, this policy became increasingly strained. With awards season extending nearly year-round, we found ourselves unable to represent the very things our Guild was conceived to celebrate—your Costume Design. Members of the Board ultimately voted to rescind the previous policy. As President Salvador Perez said, "We may just have outgrown this rule." As Editor-in-Chief of The Costume Designer, I see the mission of this magazine as serving the membership as a whole. In highlighting the work of particular mem- bers, we elevate the community collectively. I am gratified and excited at the oppor- tunity to showcase more of you and your work in the coming months and years. Anna Wyckoff EDITOR IN CHIEF Anna Wyckoff ASSOCIATE EDITORS Bonnie Nipar Christine Cover Ferro PRESIDENT Salvador Perez VICE PRESIDENT Cate Adair SECRETARY Ivy Thaide TREASURER Nanrose Buchman EXECUTIVE BOARD Mary Vogt Christopher Lawrence Julie Weiss Mona May Phillip Boutté Jr. Costume Illustrators Representative Kristine Haag ACD Representative LABOR REPRESENTATIVES Betty Madden Sharon Day BOARD ALTERNATES Kristin Burke Jennifer Soulages Lyn Paolo Terry Gordon BOARD OF TRUSTEES Jacqueline Saint Anne Cliff Chally Barbara Inglehart ALTERNATE TRUSTEE Dorothy Amos EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Rachael M. Stanley ASSISTANT EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Brigitta Romanov MEMBER SERVICES ADMINISTRATOR Suzanne Huntington RECEPTIONIST/SECRETARY Cecilia Granados PUBLISHER IngleDodd Media ADVERTISING 310.207.4410

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