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THE SKETCHBOOK In Netflix's Godless, a mining disaster in La Belle, New Mexico, eradicates the male population of a frontier town, leaving behind only women. They trade their girdles for gunbelts in a gritty world carefully considered and crafted by Costume Designer Betsy Heimann. Heimann wields a restrained palette to capture a feeling of vitality and authen- ticity. The scope of the series is vast. The ensemble cast includes outlaws, lawmen, ranchers, miners, Native Americans, Pinkertons, and Buffalo Soldiers. Assistant Costume Designer Maria Tortu says, "My nickname for the show was Relentless. It was like doing three movies all at the same time, back to back." Capturing the collision of cul- tures was research-intensive. But since Heimann trained under legand Luster Bayless early in her career, she was in her element. "It was like a homecoming for me to come back and do what he taught me and," she says. Costume Designer Betsy Heimann Assistant Costume Designer Maria Tortu Illustration by Gina DeDomenico Flanagan

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