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Page 40 of 43 39 POST JUNE 2018 BROADCAST DESIGN The 3D motion graphics on the Tiffany Paper Flowers campaign includes graffiti-inspired paint splatters and other street culture references. You have a background in skateboarding. Did that background and ABC's motion graphics for top skate brands like L-R-G and DGK using Cinema 4D help prep you for this project? "Skateboarding and hip hop are huge influencers in my personal style as an artist and show through to a lot of the motion graphics work we produce as a team at ABC. So to your point, working with brands that seemingly align with the culture that Tiffany was embracing for this project definitely was an added bonus and for us was a 'bucket list' gig." ABC has used Cinema 4D since the studio's inception nearly eight years ago. How did you leverage the software to achieve the look and feel of this campaign? "We used Cinema 4D to model three different pieces of jewelry in the Tiffany 'Firefly' collection and then created a variety of scenes using 3D camera moves and animations of the 'Paper Flowers' jewelry. For the graphic transitions, we relied on the MoGraph cloner objects in Cinema 4D. Houdini was used for simulating paint drips across the face of the watch which were then seamlessly brought into Cinema 4D to finalize shots. We textured in Redshift to render inside of Cinema 4D and combined these with other 3D animations that were created using the software. After Effects was used for compositing and some of the stencil animations." The 3D motion graphics ABC provided on the Tiffany campaign were part of a series of activations around New York City. Can you comment on this? "Yes, the Mission created all sorts of experiences around Manhattan includ- ing taking over bodega's (corner stores) and filling buckets with paper flowers in Tiffany Blue. Cabs and trucks were also painted in the iconic blue color that drove around the city and compli- mentary coffee was served from coffee carts also decorated in robin's egg blue. "ABC was brought into take the artistic concepts to the next level for animation on the clock installation. Cinema 4D's flexibil- ity and seamless integration with Houdini for the paint simulations and After Effects for final compositing really helped us to be able to go back and forth in the animation process and hit the tight deadline." Was there anything uniquely satisfying about the motion graphics elements ABC created for the launch of the Tiffany Paper Flowers collection? "As a creative director, I'm always look- ing for the opportunity to push our- selves creatively. It was a blast for us to be able to do everything from model the Tiffany jewelry to simulate paint splat- ters and spray paint techniques. "The May 4 launch event at the Tiffany headquarters store featured the debut performance from A$AP Ferg with his rendition of "Moon River," which is part of the 'Believe in Dreams' campaign. The outside of the store was decorated in Tiffany Blue spray paint and included drips on the window displays. "Our designs and animations were displayed on the LED clock face and could be seen by party guests as they entered the store on 5th Ave underneath the hanging clock. It was incredible to see all of the other aspects of the cam- paign tied together for the new release. Straight off the airplane and on our way to our hotel in SoHo, we saw the colored taxis and trucks traveling around the city and passed a bodega right near our hotel that had been decorated for the launch." Already Been Chewed credits include: Barton Damer, creative director; Aaron Smock, head of production; Mark Fancher, Aaron Smock, Lance Eckert, Thomas King and Bryan Talkish, design and animation and Donny Smith, account manager. ABC's Dallas studio (here, and right) Barton Damer

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