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Page 29 of 43 28 POST JUNE 2018 ot every user sees workstations the same way. That is the conclusion of an Intel- commissioned blind survey conduct- ed by a third-party research firm to gain new workstation insights. The survey elicited more than 2,500 responses from end users, IT deci- sion-makers (ITDMs) and managers at major organizations across the top workstation ver- ticals. The research firm performed qualitative interviews with 34 major companies representing key workstation segments: Architecture, engi- neering and construction (AEC); manufacturing; media and entertainment (M&E); health care; oil and gas; and financial services. Quantitative responses were received from 1,482 ITDMs and 1,046 business decision-makers (BDMs) — 2,528 in total. An impressive sampling, indeed. Geographically, the responses broke down into 1,222 from North America, 695 from Europe and 611 from Asia — a well-distributed geograph- ic sampling. The usage across key verticals and workloads of the most frequently used applica- tions were fairly evenly distributed — about 300 in each category — and twice that for manufac- turing, resulting in a good distribution represent- ing the industry as a whole. Below we dig into key insights from the research. What Is a Workstation? The term "workstation" is commonly used in the industry, and most of the business decision-mak- ers also use the term "high-performance comput- ers," which to them means a machine that can run multiple programs on multiple monitors. The technical decision-makers tend to de- scribe a workstation more in terms of solving their needs, pointing out that a workstation should have hyper-threading, multi-core, and an abundance of memory. Or in terms of specifics: Animators need dual-socket Intel Xeon processors operating at 3.5 ghz or higher, an Nvidia top-end add-in board (AIB), an SSD, and as much memory as you can afford – at least 128 gb. The Value of Application Certification One of the distinguishing features of a work- NEW INSIGHTS ON WHAT END USERS THINK ABOUT, AND HOW THEY USE, WORKSTATIONS BY JON PEDDIE n

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