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June 2018

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26  /  the tasting panel  /  june 2018 HOT SHOT T oday's consumers are incredibly connected to the world around them, prompting beverage companies to find new ways to reach and engage with their audience. We checked in with Christine Wang, the Director of Human Resources at Greenhouse Agency—an experiential marketing agency behind some of the world's leading beverage brands—to discover what's driving the impact of a brand's experience in the current industry climate. ForceBrands: What inspired you to pursue a career in human resources? Was there a specific industry you were most interested in joining? Christine Wang: In college, I majored in business and was interested in a career in business management. After graduation, I started working for a restaurant chain assisting in various departments, but I naturally gravitated toward helping our employees, building relationships, and getting more involved in HR policy. I became convinced that a sincere and caring approach to employees makes a huge difference because it builds trust and cooperation. I eventually became an HR manager and I've never looked back. FB: What do you find most rewarding about your role? CW: I love finding new strategies to build our culture and employer brand in order to strengthen retention and attract top talent. Last year we rolled out our first company culture survey to get feedback from our employees and find areas that need action. I prioritize this kind of assessment to tailor new programs that will improve the employee experience, as I firmly believe the employee experience feeds into the client experience. When you take care of your people, your people will take care of your customers. FB: Have you noticed any trends among beverage companies in particular when it comes to innovative marketing strategies? CW: Beverage companies are currently looking to go beyond experiential to the exact moment of brand conversion. Our research has found that moments of conver- sion are driven by emotional association via integrated experiences and shareable moments. Today's consumers are incredibly connected to the world through their smartphones and desire affirmation of their personal experiences and values by sharing it with others. The number of likes and comments substantiate what that consumer was feeling at that "moment of conversion," which drives the impact of that experience and creates brand adoption and loyalty. FB: From your experience working with people, how do you define a successful team? CW: If I'm leading a team, I want to find people who complement each other's strengths. I think it's always key to maintain respectful communication and clearly define objectives. I also value diversity because a lot of what I do is problem solve, and different perspectives allow for a richer field of ideas and solutions. And I absolutely believe that a good leader has to be a good listener—some of the best ideas can come from people who might be reserved or shy, and a good leader has to be able to cultivate those ideas. That kind of recognition and awareness can turn a competent team into an amazing one. Christine Wang DIRECTOR OF HUMAN RESOURCES AT GREENHOUSE AGENCY

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