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WIRELESS Digital Monitoring • Multi-channel digital wireless monitoring system • Two stereo channels for IEM applications • Four discrete channels for IFB applications • Digital RF modulation and 24-bit digital audio • Over 5,000 frequencies from 470.100 to 607.375 MHz • Wireless Designer™ software included • Latency with Dante input: 1ms + Dante latency • Latency with analog input: <1.4ms • Transmitter housed in 1RU half-rack chassis VISIT: CONTACT LECTROSONICS FOR MORE INFO! 1-800-821-1121 control and allows me to be more creative. Those plugins and apps are like an ice cream machine which I can throw all my ideas into and get the ice cream that I want. Will you be returning to China for work or do you intend to stay in the US? Getting a job in Hollywood is every film student's dream, as it is mine. And I'm always excited to learn new things. To me, I believe the US is the place where I can learn the most right now, so I would be really happy if I could have a chance to stay. Meanwhile, the Chinese film industry has grown up quickly in the past a few years, and chances there are very good, too. All I'm thinking now is I'd love to go any place where I could learn new things. What do you feel was the most valuable part of your education? I really appreciate that Chapman had provided us with so many chances to work on short films at school. Nothing would teach you more than doing it by yourself. From doing student short films, I became familiar with different kinds of production equipment, software, plugins very quickly. Although sometimes it was so crazy during finals week that we barely had time to sleep. But all the crew members spent the hard time together and we became good partners, and good friends at the end. Is there anyone you would like to thank? There are so many people who have helped me during my long journey. First of all, I need to thank my parents. They financially supported me so that I could have this chance to study in the US and meet so many amazing people. They always have my back no matter what I'm doing and where I am. I also need to thank my mentors at Beijing Film Academy and Chapman University. They are truly enthusiastic with teaching and there's no way I could be what I am now without their help. Last but not least, I have so many great friends that gave me support when I was tired. Being alone in a foreign country sometimes can be really hard but with my friends here, I feel like I have a second home. I met Lisa on the night of the awards and she greeted me with a big smile and a firm handshake. Four out of the five students nominated this year were women. I was very honored to have had two of them as students. I am enthused by their intelligence, drive, ability, and political finesse in a traditionally male-dominated industry. There are challenges ahead for all of these students as the world shifts to increased automation and decreased attention spans. The good news is that it is becoming apparent that there are many talented students out there and that the future is bright for our industry as a whole.

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