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Spring 2018

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s p r i n g 2 0 1 8 | 7 9 BLCKBRD DEEP CBD TINCTURE Oil-based tinctures are one of the most common and tra- ditional delivery methods for CBDs, and can be administered in a variety of ways like emulsify- ing into sauces and syrups. This full-spectrum tincture offers a green, grassy flavor that isn't too vegetal, and actually has a pico de gallo fla- vor that would be dreamy in savory foods. Watch out, though, as this is a great sleepytime CBD. 89 FLOWER POWER BIG ISLAND JOE CBD COFFEE Can't function without your morn- ing coffee, but also looking for an easy way to incorporate CBD into your daily routine? Get them both at the same time with Flower Power's line of CBD-infused artisanal coffees, a one-stop shop for both caffeine and cannabinoids. The coffee itself is smooth and easy-drinking, and the CBD is a nice balance. It's the perfect way to wake up in the morning, but also a great after- dinner option, especially if you're enjoying a cannabis-infused meal. Did you know that CBD can mellow your "high" if you've consumed too much THC? I always keep CBD on-hand for my infused experiences, and when I shared this cof- fee with guests after an evening of infused fun, there were rave reviews all around. 90 Flower STONE ROAD FARMS RESERVE SATIVA JOINTS WITH BUBBLE HASH On the packaging tip, Stone Road Farms is offering some of the most lovely pre-rolls available in the market, and each box features photography from the boutique farms that grow and hand-harvest this sun-grown flower. The joints are rolled up like tiny little presents, and the flavors in this flower are fantastic. The sativa joints are fresh and sweet, with great terpene presence on the palate, and smoke slowly and clean, without any harshness. One of my new favorites, and perfect to leave out on your coffee table to welcome guests. 94 HENRY'S ORIGINAL RITUAL 25:1 PRE- ROLL A 25:1 CBD:THC percentage means this California cultivar is all medicine with next to no psychoactivity. Sweet-Tarts and lemon on the nose lead to a creamy up front with a hint of nutty caramel sweetness. Smooth and easy- smoking with persistent white smoke and ash. A great product for consumers looking to manage pain without getting high. 92 HIGGS SATIVA PRE-ROLL As the cannabis consumer matures, so does the branding, and Higg's Pre-Rolls are a hipster's Instagram- worthy dream. With fun, sleek packaging that's reminiscent of a cigarette pack circa 1987 and incognito joints that actually look like cigarettes, these hip offerings are sure to be a festival favorite this summer and beyond. No strain-specific options here, though; simply choose from Indica or Sativa packs for a prod- uct that's more of a cool conversation starter than a cannaisseur's choice. A fun product that showcases the importance of marketing and branding in this burgeoning space. 89 Oils and Vape Pens EDEN EXTRACTS SUNSET SHERBET VAPE CARTRIDGE AND PEN Finding a good vape pen can be a real challenge, and as com- panies continue to tinker with design, innova- tions are being made. The Eden Extracts pen is high-tech with ceramic heating elements, and side vents, allowing for great airflow through the cartridge. This varietal is slightly funky and umami-rich, with earthy undertones that are more savory than skunky. 90 AYA BY SONOMA CANNABIS COMPANY TRAINWRECK X CHEMDAWG CANNABIS NECTAR Notes of honeyed black tea, blue flowers and fresh-laundry with a spearmint- anise kiss on the finish, these oil cartridges are fragrant, fresh, and filled with terpene-good- ness. A distinct balance of floral and vegetal maintains the true-to-plant nature of the prod- uct, and a chic battery makes AYA a great pen for on-the-go smokers. Small-batch made in the heart of wine country, AYA and Sonoma Canna- bis Company are bringing a high-end artisanal aesthetic to California consumers. 93 Topicals BŌSM BREAST THC BLEND Born out of a desire to explore the ancient healing quali- ties of cannabis in an era where breast cancer awareness is on the rise, this product is equal parts healer and health helper, encouraging women to be more in touch (literally) with their breasts, while also tapping into holistic healing practices. Upon application, liposomally encapsulated THC is quickly absorbed into fatty breast tissue, where it triggers the endo- cannabinoid system's natural cleaning process, and stimulates the lymph system, draining harmful pollutants from breast tissue. Not to mention it is a silky, smooth and indulgent way to celebrate the connection between the female body and the female plant. 90 For more reviews from Rachel, follow her on Instagram at @SmokeSipSavor and to find out how your product can be reviewed, email her at ■cr BLOOMFIELD KHALEESI'S DRAG- ON An original strain to this Northern California cultivator, this aromatic vari- ety opens up with a tropical, floral nose reminiscent of sweet Hawaiian breezes. On the palate, bright and fresh tropical fruit follows suit, with subtle pineapple, honeysuckle, and a ripe cantaloupe undertone giving way to a warming toasted-nut finish and thick white smoke quality. Uplifting and awakening affect. Great, healthy looking buds from this cultivar don't hurt either. 93

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