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Super Deluxe is a disruptive entertainment brand dedicated to cultivating diverse auteurs and amplifying unconventional voices across multiple platforms from television to social media to live interactive programming. The company, which is a division of Turner, has been described by the Los Angeles Times as shaping the future of television and selected by Fast Company as one of the Top Ten Most Innovative Companies in Hollywood. In order to simultaneously accommodate sophisticated video and television post-production workflows on a quick turnaround, Super Deluxe needs a storage solution that facilitates speed and dexterity. "With OpenDrives, we are able to share the workload across all of our post and producing sta. This allows the creatives to spend more time creating and less time managing files." Grant Keiner VP of Post Production at Super Deluxe OpenDrives Helps Omni-Platform Entertainment Company Super Deluxe Solve Old Problems with Performance • sales @ • +1 (310) 659-8999 New media has really come into its own. In the past ten years, we've seen it transform from an unorganized aggregation of amateur videos meant to provide passing amusement for the masses to a serious form of commercial entertainment, complete with higher production qualities and more targeted audiences. Sure, you can still find lots of new media content that is low in budget and quality and high in wacky hijinks of all sorts produced, with no other purpose than to go viral. But things are changing rapidly in new media. The steady movement toward a more mature new media industry promises a bright future, but not without experiencing some of the same old growing pains. Known for developing characters and story formats that push cultural boundaries, Super Deluxe produces an ecosystem of content, from scripted and unscripted TV shows to short-form videos, interactive live programming and branded campaigns. Noting Super Deluxe's prolific output, Variety writes that the company is on a "hot streak." In just over two years, its social media channels have become the most engaging and fastest-growing targeted at the creative youth demo. It's premiered five projects at the Sundance Film Festival and, in 2018, it will have seven TV shows on Netflix, TBS, Facebook and more. Among the television series are This Close, a critically-acclaimed and groundbreaking dramedy series written by and starring deaf creators on AMC Networks' premium streaming service Sundance Now. The problems Super Deluxe previously encountered with post-production workflows are similar to those experienced by legacy entertainment groups. There are technical challenges to working with enormous amounts of data while allowing for fast storage and data access in a collaborative, multi-user environment. Because OpenDrives mitigates these issues, Turner recommended our technology as a solution. Our partnership with Super Deluxe has gone beyond just being a faster, more reliable, and cost-eective storage solution. We've worked closely with the company to put a Spectre in as the main production storage solution with a Ridgeview backup, and this has resulted in high-performance benefits throughout every stage of the post-production workflow. As we've been speaking with our friends at Super Deluxe—and we're always circling back around with customers to ensure ongoing satisfaction with OpenDrives and our technology solutions — we've also discovered that the benefits go far beyond fast, reliable, and cost-eective technology. OpenDrives enables Super Deluxe to be more productive so they can focus on their unique brand of creativity that's been described by The Guardian as the "MTV for the digital age." Our OpenDrives storage solutions allow Super Deluxe to forget about the dicult technical challenges that users experience during post-production with older, underperforming SAN solutions so that they can focus on their core business. And that makes us at OpenDrives smile. Contact OpenDrives today. We would enjoy a deeper discussion with you about your business and how we can help you focus more productively on your business instead of on your technology challenges. We can demonstrate our storage solutions in action, if you're interested, and we can begin to explore how to create a meaningful partnership in the way we did with Super Deluxe. Maturity Comes with Growing Pains

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