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Page 39 of 43 38 POST MARCH 2018 NAB 2018 PREVIEW BURBANK, CA — TVLogic ( heads to the 2018 NAB Show with an expanded range of UHD/4K monitors, a 55-inch precision OLED monitor and additional display sizes to extend the company's popular hi-end LCD series. According to Denny An, director of world- wide sales, the line-up reflects the company's commitment to address the constantly chang- ing needs of broadcast, production, post and multi-viewer applications. The company will be highlighting three new models of its expanding LUM series monitors, to include the LUM-313G, a 31.1-inch, native 4K resolution (4096×2160) monitor with maximum luminance of 350nit, contrast ratio of 1500:1, wide color gamut and wide viewing angle. The LUM-318G is a 31.1-inch, native 4K resolu- tion (4096×2160) monitor with maximum lumi- nance of 850nit, contrast ratio of 1500:1, wide color gamut and wide viewing angle. The LUM-430M is a 43-inch, True UHD/4K mon- itor (3840x2160 resolution) and true 10-bit driver, which accepts quad 3G-SDI and HDMI 2.0 inputs. Additional monitors will include the LVM Series, designed for field recording and studio monitor- ing, as well as the LEM-550R, a QC-Grade HDR monitor for broadcast and post with a 55-inch OLED panel with UHD resolution of 3840 × 2160. HUDSON, MA — At NAB 2018, Facilis ( will compare ge- neric NAS to the latest version of its custom-built shared file system. Facilis Technology version 7.1, will be shipping for NAB 2018. In this new version, Facilis adds new features, not found in generic NAS systems, includ- ing: Automatic multi-connec- tivity failover (including Fibre Channel to Ethernet) with no manual client or server-side configuration; automatic load balanc- ing of clients across multiple server IP addresses, also with no manual configuration requirement; histori- cal and dynamic client and volume bandwidth tracking, as well as overall server load monitoring; changeable volume ownership for multi-serv- er environments, enabling data on older storage enclosures to be shared more efficiently; simplified remote client deployment, enabling software update of every workstation from any connected browser; local shared file system mounting changes the nature of the volume at the client operating system from network drive to local drive appearance and functionality and dynamic routing of client work- stations on any server connection, per volume. In addition, optimizations in the shared file system have resulted in 15 to 20 percent better speeds across each connection method, load balanced across any number of server uplinks, without teaming or bonding. In addition, dynamic ownership and RAID51 features ensure no single point of failure in multi-server environments. BUDAPEST, HUNGARY — Colorfront (www. will be highlighting its cost-ef- fective, next-generation Colorfront HDR Image Analyzer at this year's 2018 NAB Show. Colorfront HDR Image Analyzer software delivers a comprehensive array of tools for the effective analysis of the latest HDR stan- dards — including HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma), PQ (Perceptual Quantizer) and Rec.2020 — on 4K/UHD content. Running on commodity hardware, Colorfront HDR Image Analyzer provides powerful new tools and eliminates the need for excessively expensive hard- ware-based video analyzer solutions. Included in Colorfront HDR Image Analyzer's toolsets are waveform, histo- gram and vectorscope monitoring, plus a host of essential image analysis features such as: Nit light level meter, error logging, pixel picker, framestore with split-screen, line mode which can focus the region of interest onto a single horizontal or vertical line, out-of-gamut false color and audio phase metering. Additionally, Colorfront has integrated full HDR Image Analyzer functionality to the sec- ond head-monitor output of its new QC Player and flagship Transkoder software, effectively augmenting these products with a full set of critical HDR analysis tools, but without the need for any separate investment. Colorfront HDR Image Analyzer runs on a convenient, 1RU form factor server and lever- ages the cutting-edge GPU performance of the very latest NVidia Quadro Pascal architec- ture graphics cards for monitoring, with AJA's Kona 4 HD-SDI I/O card supporting real-time input up to 4K/UHD@60. TVLOGIC TO HIGHLIGHT NATIVE 4K DISPLAYS AT NAB FACILIS TO SHIP VERSION 7.1 OF SHARED FILE SYSTEM COLORFRONT TO HIGHLIGHT HDR IMAGE ANALYZER The LUM-313G The Facilis shared file system

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