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92  /  the tasting panel  /  march 2018 92  /  the tasting panel  /  march 2018 REPORT whiskey by Emily Coleman W ithin the vast lineup of spirits on the market today, whisk(e)y seems most adept at tempting consumers to ponder the liquid inside their glass. With this power over the imbiber's imagination, it has the magical ability to instantly transport the senses to a realm of refinement and complexity. With a dram in one hand, a guest's night can be elevated simply by discovering a new whisk(e)y. That drink could hail from a faraway land or follow a unique aging process; regard- less, it will open one's taste buds and conscious- ness to this spirit's seemingly limitless potential. A Knockout: John L. Sullivan Irish Whiskey I n Boston back in the late 1800s, a boxer by the name of John L. Sullivan was named the last bareknuckle boxing champion— after an unimaginable 76 rounds—as well as the first heavyweight champion of gloved boxing. M.S. Walker, having operated in Boston for 88 years, is paying homage to the city's hometown hero with a whiskey as tenacious as "The Boston Strong Boy" himself. A small-batch spirit made from Irish grains, John L. Sullivan Irish Whiskey goes through triple distillation in copper pot stills before aging in bourbon barrels. The smooth and balanced expression exudes light notes of spice and vanilla. There's a strong likelihood your custom- ers will fight over this covet- able spirit: To keep things civil, we suggest you always keep a spare behind the bar. John L. Sullivan Irish Whiskey ($26) Triple distilled in copper pot stills, this small-batch whiskey is aged in bourbon casks, bringing out pleasant, savory spices. It possesses a keen clarity on nose and palate; scents of honeysuckle and peach are soft-spoken. After warming the mouth with orange-peel tea and brightening the palate with hazelnut, corn husk, and candied pineapple, the whiskey exhibits a clean finish with red apples and sweet, toasty malt. 93 —Meridith May M.S. WALKER A Grand DRAM THE GLOBAL WHISKIES THAT WILL TAKE YOUR PALATE ON THE TRIP OF A LIFETIME

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