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march 2018  /  the tasting panel  /  45 WHISKEY A t its roots, the American ideal has a rebellious nature: It's never satisfied with the status quo and constantly pursues a better way of doing things. Named after the amendment that ended Prohibition, Title No. 21 emanates this ideal by crafting whiskies that mix tradition with a heightened demand for both quality and uniqueness. To that end, Title No. 21 recently released two new expressions, Bourbon and Rye Whiskey, which are currently being launched in more than 24 states by various distributing partners (including the brand's newest partner, Republic National Distributing Company, in Texas). Title No. 21 Bourbon features a mash bill of 79% corn, 17% rye, and 4% malted barley, adding light notes of sweetness and spice. Aged and blended in Dallas, Texas, the finished product melds spirits of varied ages for a balanced, refined bourbon. Inspired by the rye whiskey of the Prohibition era, the team at Title No. 21 decided to create a bold rye with a mash bill of 89% rye, 5% malted barley, and 6% corn. This whiskey rests in charred, new oak barrels for 12 months to nine years before it's blended into this distinctive style. "The vision was to create great whiskey that can stand on its own or be mixed in a traditional cocktail without losing its character," notes Kirsty Barefoot, Director of Trade Marketing for Southwest Spirits & Wine. "It was important for us to stay true to tradition by not adding any color, flavor, or neutral grain spirits." No matter the expression, Title No. 21 continues to bring a taste of America's past into the present and beyond. As American as Bourbon and Rye TITLE NO. 21 WHISKEY EXPANDS ITS PORTFOLIO WITH TWO NEW EXPRESSIONS by Emily Coleman Tasting Notes Title No. 21 American Whiskey ($25) The 21st Amendment was the repeal of Prohibition, so this aptly-named spirit is an inspirational message from our past and into the future for the production of small-batch whiskeys. A lightly-perfumed nose of orange marmalade and oak is pleasant and welcoming. The mouthfeel is satiny, with a chili-pepper-on-oatmeal twist that tops sweet, honeyed pineapple. At 80 proof, it's wonderfully approachable, and the pekoe orange tea finish is perfect. 95 —Meridith May Title No. 21 Rye Whiskey ($27) This spirit exudes an exquisite nose of buttered peaches, lemon verbena, and soft caraway. The palate for this 90-proof rye is particularly velvety; a dollop of oatmeal cookie notes drift alongside creamy butterscotch. Melon and herbal tea notes linger midway, ramping up a long finish that leaves flecks of black pepper. 94 —M.M. Title No. 21 Bourbon ($29) This 84-proof bourbon has a fruit liqueur–like nose with sweet peach, apricot nectar, and a hint of sassafras. Honeyed melon is ripe and dotted with white pepper and melted brown sugar. Almonds, apples, and cocoa flow through the orange zest core. The spiced cedar finish is clean and mellow. 93 —M.M.

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