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18  /  the tasting panel  /  march 2018 DISTRIBUTION A standing ovation from more than 100 distributor representatives greeted Al, Scott, and Heidi Scheid at a Southern California sales meeting as Scheid Family Wines launched its partnership with its new distributor Young's Market of California just days into the new year. Serving as Chairman, President/ CEO, and Executive Vice President, respectively, Al, Scott, and Heidi help lead the family-owned company. One of the largest growers of wine grapes in the Central Coast, its 4,000 acres of vines are planted throughout 11 estate vineyards in Monterey County's four climatic zones. The family grows 39 grape varieties, including 20 clones of Pinot Noir. The partnership with Young's Market of California became official on January 1 with a well-received sales meeting in Northern California, and The Tasting Panel stopped by the second celebra- tion held in SoCal. There, we witnessed a creative and endearing presentation from the Scheids that doubled as an introduction to their integral California sales team and marketing staff. Said Andrew Powell, Western Regional Manager for Scheid Family Wines, "We are integrity leaders, weaving a clear path from distributor to wine buyer to consumer." During the meeting, the Scheids, their sales direc- tors, and Scheid Family Wines Marketing Director Laura Kirk Lee wowed the audience with the romance of Monterey County's vinous bounty through the presentation of several engaging visuals. A wall of impressive photos prominently showcased the Scheid's state-of-the-art winery and the people—from winemakers to viticul- turists—working behind the scenes. Two short films were also screened, including a Star Wars parody dubbed "The Source Awakens" that featured a heavy-breathing—or rather heavy- sniffing—Darth Vader as he sought descriptors for Scheid's VDR (Very Dark Red), a Petite Sirah-Petit Verdot blend grown in Monterey County's Hames Valley. Bryan Paul, Senior Vice President/General Manager for Young's Market Southern California, noted that the company was proud to have partnered with the Scheid family. "Both of our family- owned companies, Young's and Scheid Family Wines, possess a strong passion for the wine business," Paul said. "This is an important portfo- lio for us," Louis Balducci, Jr., CSW, Channel/Off-Premise Vice President for Young's Market, added. "Not only do the Scheids produce all estate wines, but their sustainability practices and their broad offerings of everything from Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay to Bordeaux varieties give our on- and off-premise sales teams tremendous opportunities to grow the brand." Scheid Family Wines has also part- nered with Young's Market Company in Washington State, Oregon, Idaho, Arizona, Hawaii, and Alaska. —Meridith May SCHEID FAMILY WINES CELEBRATES A CALIFORNIA COUP: YOUNG'S MARKET COMPANY IS ITS NEW DISTRIBUTOR May the Source Be With You PHOTO: JEREMY BALL Scheid Family Wines is going straight to the source in its partnership with Young's Market Company in Southern California. From left to right: Bryan Paul, Senior Vice President/General Manager, Young's Market; Heidi Scheid, Executive Vice President, Scheid Family Wines; Matt Fraser, Vice President of Channel Sales, Young's Market; Al Scheid, Chairman, Scheid Family Wines; Scott Scheid, President and CEO, Scheid Family Wines; and Louis Balducci, Jr., CSW, Channel/Off-Premise Vice President, Young's Market. PHOTO: DUSTIN DOWNING The Scheid family graced the December 2017 cover of The Tasting Panel.

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