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L E T T E R As President, it is my distinct privilege to introduce you to The Animation Guild's new quarterly magazine, Keyframe. For many years, the Guild leadership has aspired to create a world-class publication to reflect the phenomenal level of talent represented in our membership. Your Executive Board is incredibly proud to bring that to you today. Keyframe joins the ranks of the IA's Bulletin, the Art Directors' Perspective, the DGA Quarterly and many other Guild publications. All of these labor organizations showcase their members, their industry, and their craft in this way. We do it because our power in the negotiating room is directly tied to our view of ourselves as a group. By celebrating and showcasing the unparalleled abilities of our members and our industry, we elevate our view of ourselves as the brilliant powerhouses we are. By educating our members, by answering unasked questions, we expand our members' knowledge base and confidence, maintaining our status as the most valued and elite workforce available. By entertaining, sharing, and communicating with our members, we increase what we have in common, and reinforce our bonds with each other. All of this contributes to build the strength of our membership and our Guild, which serves us in our core goal of improving your quality of life both at and away from work. Animation is a unique niche within the broader entertainment industry. I like to playfully tell my friends and family that "Animation rules the world," but I'm not really joking. What we do is cherished all over the globe. In addition to the wonderful stories and artistry we bring to life, our movies break records at the box office and our TV shows are evergreen. Animation Guild members are the best talent you can get. We're the finest in the world. Studios know it. We know it. Let's celebrate it together! K.C. Johnson President | The Animation Guild HELLO AND WELCOME! ON THE COVER Daron Nefcy photographed by Tim Sullens; Star Butterfly of Star Vs. The Forces of Evil, Disney XD

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