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16 KEYFRAME A R T & C R A F T In his work, Jordan Koch, a storyboard artist on Nickelodeon's The Loud House, wanted to capture the artistic sensibility of an old animation cel. To give the illusion of a vintage piece, Koch printed his digital art on transparency, mounted it to matte card stock then painted the back using white vinyl paint. His personal style has been influenced by '60s cartoons from Hanna- Barbera and UPA, gravitating to the sense of whimsy, comic inspiration and bright colors portrayed in that era. "When you have every color in the crayon box it can be daunting," he says of the endless shades provided through Photoshop. Instead, he posed the question: "What can you do with red, blue and yellow?" Koch also drew inspiration from the proportions of The Flintstones, and sought to bring his character alive in the work, choosing to present the pizza man in the act of throwing a pie into the air. Visit to see more of Koch's work. MODERN VINTAGE ARTIST: Jordan Koch TITLE: Cel Set-Up MEDIUM: Digital and cel vinyl paint. SIZE: 11" x 17"

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