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44 • THE ARTISAN WINTER 2018 make-up a lot and glad we made the change. Bortus, played by Peter Macon, was probably the biggest challenge, as it took a while to find his look. I ended up one day going to Seth's office with Peter's life cast, my sculpting tools and a block of clay and knock out half a head in front of Seth until we were both happy that it did not look like "a dude in make-up" as he put it. Garrett Immel took my very rough sculpt and made sense of it. Garrett spearheaded the entire look of all the Moclan, which turned out great. We knew that Peter would be working quite a bit. I think Garrett applied that make-up close to 70 times. So, we decided to make things as easy as we could. Bortus consisted of a full head and shoulder cowl, chin and lone ranger forehead/cheeks and nose. We kept Peter's mouth area clear to avoid prosthetic breakdown throughout the long shoot days, as well as not obstruct his speech, which is very important to Seth as he did not want to ADR every line. Scott Grimes and J. Lee play Lt. Gordon Malloy and Lt. John LaMarr. Both simple straight make-ups I covered for the shoot. Lastly, Penny Johnson Jerald plays Dr. Claire Finn, and Tami Lane handled her look. MAXINE MORRIS: Regarding the hair department, this was a far different project than anything I have ever done before and having Howard as a teacher was an amazing experience. I pulled together a great depart- ment. In the beginning and the pilot, Seth had wanted all our background very simple but after the pilot, I changed it up slightly and started giving them more detailed hair styles to look more uniformed. Starting with Adrianne, I took her through a wide array of styles starting with a curled, more set look, more like Veronica Lake than a straight sleek look that Seth favored. With Penny, we started with a short taper at the neck with no-bangs wig and a flip on 1 side, and added a vibrant green extension to tie in with her uni- form. After a few episodes, we decided to go longer with bangs and always kept the green extension as continuity to her character. Halston's wig was designed by Howard and built by Khanh Trance at KNB EFX per his design. Her look went through a few changes before the pilot as light streaks were added and her hairline was more of an inverted widows peak. More lace and hair were added to the sides to accommodate the hair being dressed in front and behind the prosthetic ears. Aside from the huge number of aliens aboard the ship and visiting civilizations, we had our main cast. Seth MacFarlane plays Capt. Ed Mercer—Tami Lane, key make-up artist, handled his make-up and hair. The lovely Adrianne Palicki is Cmdr. Kelly Grayson, and Halston Sage plays Lt. Alara Kitan. Both actresses were handled by Suzy Diaz for the pilot. Then Toni G for episodes 2-9 and the remaining episodes, Jacenda Burkett took over the make-up chores. Halston was a com- bination of prosthetic and beauty. Tami Lane handled the application of her silicone prosthetic ears, forehead and nose pieces. When Toni G took over, she gave Alara a cool and hip retro feel about her make-up, focusing on her eyes and lips. If you notice, Alara's entire make-up changed from the pilot to episode two. Seth and I decided we wanted to see more of Halston, so Garrett Immel resculptured her prosthetics to allow her to emote more freely then she had in the pilot. At first, I was not that happy with the decision as we had spent so much time designing her look, but in the end, I dig the This page from top: Scott Grimes (left) as Lt. Gordon Malloy and Halston Sage as Lt. Alara Kitan; Seth MacFarlane (left) as Capt. Ed Mercer and Adrianne Palicki as Cmdr. Kelly Grayson. Opposite page, clockwise from top left: Kristen Tack at work; Maxine Morris fixing a wig; touching up a Moclan; Kevin Wasner touches up a Krill; inside the make-up trailer. Opposite page photos courtesy of Kazuhiro Tsuji

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