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January-February 2018

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P E R S P E C T I V E | J A N UA RY / F E B R UA RY 2 0 1 8 61 Jessica Sinclair is responsible for concept design of all the show's props. The map markers that were designed for the Dragonstone map room are particularly beautiful. These markers, painted in Photoshop, represent all the various houses still in the game within the world of the show, and visually represent where the power is and where it is moving. Daenerys' three dragons are like the air force flying above the pawns below. This concept drawing by Philipp Scherer shows the Archmaester's office in the Citadel and perfectly portrays the focus on learning, not tidiness. This was a specially built set on Stage 3 in the Titanic Studios. Modeled in Modo and rendered in Photoshop. Deborah Riley, Production Designer Paul Ghirardani, Christina Moore, Supervising Art Directors Ana Alvargonzalez, Philip Elton, Hauke Richter, Brendan Rankin, Iain White, Nick Wilkinson, Art Directors Mark Lowry, Vanessa O'Connor, James Spencer, Assistant Art Directors Kieran Belshaw, Nick Ainsworth, Philipp Scherer, Chris Caldow, Daniel Blackmore, Concept Artists Jessica Sinclair, Set Decoration Concept Artist Rachel Aulton, Stand-by Art Director Owen Black, Archie Campbell-Baldwin, Draftspersons Megan McCrea, Junior Draftsperson Jim Stanes, Rhiannon Fraser, Graphic Designers Robert Cameron, Set Decorator "In my office, there hangs a GAME OF THRONES poster of Jon Snow with 'I am the Watcher on the Wall' written below. That is how I have thought of my job, and the job of the Art Department. " When creating Sam's trolley that he uses in the Citadel, something entirely functional was wanted, fit for its purpose, and also to be a constant companion on Sam's miserable jobs, as he trains to become a maester. Concept drawing by Jessica Sinclair, modeled in Modo and rendered in Photoshop. By the end of every year, my offce walls are plastered with the concepts of the season. As the year progresses, the clarity of the visual storytelling can be continually checked. Every element designed for the show starts out with a piece of approved concept art. In season seven, we had five concept artists during the peak period, and one with me all of the way through. Their contribution to the look and feel of the show has been critical to its success.

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