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January-February 2018

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authenticity for the exterior, as well as dressing the interior of the convenience store from scratch, including having the multiple sets of products required for multiple takes during a large fight sequence. An unforeseen challenge was faced while shooting Bright on the gas station set. Due to a family emergency with one of the main actors, there was a last- minute schedule change prior to the shoot at this location. This caused a ripple effect through the entire shoot schedule and forced the first and second unit crews to alternate days at the gas station with barely any changeover time. Assistant Art Director Matthew Horan and the on-set dressing crew smoothly helped the back-and-forth between all departments, avoiding what could have been a continuity nightmare, with each unit requiring the station to be in a drastically different state, including redressing a fully stocked convenience store. The end result was extremely satisfying. It was a privilege to be working on a full-length feature film shot in Los Angeles, to feel confident that when things change, you have a talented crew, reliable vendors, and the necessary tools at your disposal on a moment's notice. ADG A. Quikfill gas station drawing by Set Designer Andrew Hull with overlaid graphics by Stephanie Charbonneau. B. & C. The gas station set, constructed in Downtown Los Angeles. Photo by Bradley Rubin D. Shooting the Shield of Light's baptismal pool, on Stage 2 at L.A. Center Stages. E. Alex Cunningham's illustration of the baptismal pool. F. Peter Rubin's illustration of the "Wall Angel." G. Director David Ayer, seen here dabbing blood onto the "Wall Angel," enjoyed adding finishing touches. Andrew Menzies, Production Designer Bradley Rubin, Christopher Brown, Art Directors Matthew Horan, Mars Feehery, Assistant Art Directors Paul Sonski, Ernie Avila, Jim Hewitt, Andrew Hull, Set Designers Andrew Campbell, Simon Jones, Stephanie Charbonneau, Dustin Neiderman, Graphic Designers Alex J. Cunningham, Michael Maher Jr., Peter Rubin, Ian Joyner, Ed Natividad, Vlad Todorov, Illustrators Cindy La Jeunesse, Set Decorator D E F G

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