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Page 37 of 43 36 POST DECEMBER 2017 REVIEW hen GoPro recently held a launch event, I was admittedly curious about what news they were going to share. Fusion had been announced a few months earlier, with few details, and I was interested in what else we could expect, as well as from the Hero6? As it turned out, there was quite a bit of news on Hero6. The most important features include double frame rates on all modes down to 1080, which means 4K/60, 2.7K/120 and 1080/240. Stabilization was dramatical- ly improved, and with only a five per- cent crop vs. 10 percent on the Hero5. Stabilization is also available in 4K now, up to 30fps, in 2.7K up to 60fps and 1080 up to 120fps. All of these added capabilities are due to the much faster GP1 processor. Other improvements include higher dynamic range, HDR still images and a zoom function. HERO6 REAL WORLD TESTING AND USAGE With regard to the Hero6 Black, it is immediately obvious how much more dynamic range the camera has. In shots where the Hero5 Black blows out on the sky or clouds, you maintain detail with the Hero6. But other things aren't as obvious without a comparison. For example, the new image stabilization is something I was very interested in. Just the fact that you can actually get sta- bilization in 4K mode is a big deal, but I wanted to truly get a feel for how good the stabilization is. STABILIZATION To get the most useful comparison, I set up a Hero5 in a Karma Grip (gimbal sta- bilizer), and mounted it to one strap on my backpack. I then mounted a Hero5 next to the Hero6 both with stabilization set on, hooked up to an improvised dual mount on the other shoulder strap. All cameras were in 2.7K/30 mode. This GOPRO HERO6 BLACK W A TWICE AS POWERFUL OPTION TO THE HERO5 Stabilization was improved on Hero6. Hero6 features a higher dynamic range.

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