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28 Chris Kieffer, a Y-4 Video Engineer (Video Assist, Video/24- Frame Playback) in Local 695, is part of an intriguing group of video graphic operators at Warner Bros. Production Sound and Video Services. Pioneered by Rick Whitfield, the small team of creatives are able to deliver end-to-end video graphics for intricate projects. In our fall 2016 issue, Vince Parker, who is also part of the team, highlighted the process while working on Passengers, starring Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt. We sat down with Kieffer to learn more about the unique workflow. PS&V: On-screen graphics. Is that a generic term used in the industry? Chris Kieffer: Well, usually we get Video Graphic Supervisor or Video Graphics. I've even gotten one 24-Frame Playback Operator. I've gotten Playback Graphic Supervisor. I mean, it's all of them. There's just so many different ones, but usually it comes down to Video Graphics. PS&V: Who pioneered this group at Warner Bros.? CK: Vince Parker and Rick Whitfield have been working for a long time together. Vince was the guy who did graphics and programming and playback with Rick on set. They were like this little group and then as productions got bigger, they needed more help. Rick would hire our department to come in, design everything, and then Vince and his team would program it and build it. I was brought into it to do a project with Rick and while I was doing that, I needed some help. And he's like, well, who do you want and I picked Coplin LeBleu. He came in. We worked great together and I've been going back to Coplin and other guys constantly over time. by Mark Ulano CAS AMPS CREATING ADVANCED VIDEO The members who embody Local 695 are more than just production sound engineers. We proudly represent video engineers, television broadcast engineers and projection engineers alike. As the union continues to grow, in part by the increase in on-set demand and advancements in technology; our picture brothers and sisters are adopting new workflows to meet those complex requests in feature films and television broadcasts. CHRIS KIEFFER TALKS ABOUT VIDEO MAGIC ON WARNER BROS. FEATURES

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